hair on upper lips

Hi All. I am 23 y/o female. I have facial hair on my upper lips. I feel embarrassed with my look and stay depressed all the time. It is affecting my life.

After reading this website, I found that electrolysis is the best way get rid of facial hair. But no electrologist exists where I live (Bangladesh). Can anyone discuss about other options.

I read somewhere that it is possible to treat the growth of facial hair with oral medication (like hormone treatment). Can someone talk about this more in detail? Do I need to take the medication for rest of my life? What are the possible side effect? Will this make me gain weight or loose breast size?

To get rid of the existing hair, what is the best option (beside electrolysis)? I read waxing results in ingrown hair. How about hair disolving creams? Will they create a shadow (like when guys shave) on my lips. Does creams go the base of the hairs?

I would really appreciate this forum’s help. I lost interst in good things in my life.


Gina, I feel your pain! I get overly embarrassed too. To find out more about medications I think you could see an ENDOCRINOLOGIST. That is a Dr. that specializes in the hormone stuff I think. In the meantime, you could also try bleaching the hair. I used a product called Sally Hansen Facial Hair Bleach… Max Strength. You’re only supposed to keep it on up to 13 minutes I think, and not repeat for 24 hours. I left it on for about 10 to 15 minutes and did it twice in a row, but I don’t have hair on my upper lip. That area might be more sensitive. Maybe if it doesn’t work the first day it will the second. I had to use it twice to get results. I know how heart wrenching this problem is. I go through times where I’m so depressed but take comfort in the fact that it is very common. I notice more and more women with it everyday and realize, IT’S REALLY NOT AS BAD AS WE ALWAYS THINK. I have to keep telling myself that.
If you try a bleach let me know how it goes. Make sure to really read the directions and be careful.

There is no route to the kind of permanent hair removal offered by electrolysis other than electrolysis. If there are no electrologists in your area, or your country even, then it would be a good idea for you and a friend to become what you are seeking.

You would get someone to do your hair, she/he would have someone hers/his, and together, you would bring joy to others, while making a nice amount of money for your efforts.