hair on nipples

Hi I started getting coarse hair on my nipples a couple of years ago and it just keeps getting thicker and more dense. I cut it to keep the length down but this is only making more grow.

What is the safest, least painful way to deal with this?

I had electrolysis done in that area for the same reason. The hair is growing back but much finer i’ve only had one treatment so i’m sure i’ll need a couple more before it’s permanent. You would think it would be painful but for me it didn’t hurt at all. The area took less than 10 minutes so if you plan on visiting an electrologist it shouldn’t be too much money.

‘seekingsolution’ is the typical case where the client is surprised at how little sensation they feel in this area. It is also cleared very fast. So rather than worrying about this hair issue it’s much easier and faster to resolve it permanently with electrolysis.

Good luck!

Sensation during Electrolysis is a very individual thing, but the average breast client really doesn’t feel anything to be afraid of, if they feel anything at all. Work on the fingers and hands hurts much more.

Anyone with hair on the breast should be able to get permanent satisfaction with about a week’s salary spread out over 9 months.

is it safe on the nipple, i would have thought itd be pretty dangerous to use electrolysis in such a sensitive area.

There is no data suggesting that electrology on the nipple area is in any way a danger. Although it is suggested that one not treat a pregnant woman’s nipple area, there is not even any suggestion of a case of pregnant nipple electrolysis causing any result other than permanent hair removal. Of course, no one wants to be the person whose insurance is hit up should there ever be a first case. Those who don’t work on breasts do so for personal reasons, or fear of liability exposure. Even if one did not become the first to have a negative result from breast work, one could still be sued for some alleged social mis-step that could be very costly to defend.

If you have unwanted breast hair, seeking a pro for the job is a good idea, because one can get all the hair removed from the first treatment, and keep it clear from there. In a short amount of treatment time spread out over 9 months, one should be finished.