Hair No More and/or Derma Nude (WARNING!)

Has anyone used a product called Hair No More™ Advanced Hair Vanishing Creme? or Derma Nude™ Hair Vanishing Creme? I see it advertised on They say:

“A new revolutionary breakthrough hair vanishing creme that removes all unwanted hair for longer-lasting hair free skin.” [this quote is for Derma Nude]

“Hair No More Advanced Hair Vanishing Creme is a new revolutionary breakthrough hair vanishing cream. It, painlessly, safely and effectively removes all unwanted hair from the face, upper lip, beard, arms, legs, underarms, back, chest and bikini line, for hair free skin that lasts longer then shaving.” [Hair No More quote]

Is this all just hype? Do all depilatories work the same or are there some that are better than others?


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Derma Nude/Hair No More is just another Epil-Stop wannabe. Save your money.