hair never feel out after treatment

I was treated a few months ago with a Cool Touch Laser and the hairs never came out. (I had a Brazilian done. ) I told the company and they did a test patch on a small area at a higher intensity. It worked. I noticed that about half of the hairs came out after about 4 days. I told the company this and they say that because the hair came out the second time that it means that it worked the first time. ? That sounds like bad logic to me. I think that I wasn’t given the correct intensity the first time and they are trying to cover up for it. Am I being cheated?

If the hairs never came out the first time and did the second time, I’d press them for a reshoot at the higher intensity. It’s one thing to be caustions, but it sounds as if your first one was so low it was ineffective.

Try negotiating. You’ll be spending a lot of money there potentially, and if they don’t want to accommodate you, there are other places you can go.

She won’t budge. What about legal action? There is somthing that I signed that said that 100% results aren’t guaranteed, but to have no results?
I have another question. The hair in the active stage, if properly treated, will come out, correct? It’s not a 2 or more shot deal to treat an active hair?

Some active hairs may not respond to treamtnet, even if others around them do.

You are unlikely to win a lawsuit if you’ve signed an informed consent form.

Perhaps you can negotiate some touch-ups if it’s clear that the first treatment was completely ineffective. I’d try negotiating instead of demanding. Some people don’t respond to threats well.