Hair lightener

Hi everyone,

Im asking this question after doing a bit of googling on the matter … is there any truth to people saying that bleach can make hair grow longer, thicker, worse etc etc??? I cant see how it would have any effect on the hairs growth, much like shaving but Im nervous after reading the odd comment as its not me Im going to use it on but my daughters upper arms as she is very anxious about the dark hair she has there. I have used lightener before on my facial hair and although it didnt work very well I didnt notice any growth difference.

Is it possible some peoples skin could react differently to the chemicals in it? I have read somewhere on here about an enzyme some of us have that can react with waxing etc and cause more hair growth ??? I would hate to somehow make the situation worse but Im kind of struggling to see how a bit of cream could stimulate something??

Anyone have some personal experience they could share on this?

I am not aware of any correlation between hair bleaching creams and increased hair growth.

Thanks Hairadicator. Anyone else ever heard of this before?

Right now I have been using on my daughters upper lip with no increased hair growth. I also used it when I was in my teens with no problems.

I havent heard of increased growth BUT be aware future pigmentation is a possibility if you don’t apply sunblock all the time. I never did and it caused me problems.

I used facial bleach (Jolens) regularly on my upper lip and under my eyes since I was 12 up into my early 30’s. In my late 20’s I noticed freckling and sunspots mostly in these area’s and it got worse year after year.

My friend is going through the same thing right now since she started using it young too (upper lip) and its driving her crazy because it will have the opposite effect: the hair is gone from waxing or electrolysis but there is a freckle shadow making it look like a moustache.

Just thought I’d share my experience…

A couple years ago I decided to try Jolen… I put it on my arms (worked like a charm) and my upper lip…!!! It made this dark gray shadow on my lip EXACTLY in the shape I applied it. OMG. To say I was scared is an understatement. I started crying and didn’t go down for dinner… I thought it wouldn’t go away for a long while. Luckily, after I cried myself to sleep and woke up: it was goooone! Good thing too, because I would have never went outside like that! Forget school and eating! I would have been some decaying, under-educated, malnourished girl… WITH AN ODDLY SHAPED GRAY PIGMENTATION SHADOW IN THE CENTRE OF MY FACE!

Now it’s a funny story,but really… Be careful. Do it on a Friday evening so there are almost 3 days to re-coop.

So who knows, everyone’s body is different and reacts differently. I would say the arm is fine though.

AND. You can use hydrogen peroxide to gradually lighten hair if your skin is darker and you want a more subtle effect.

Be careful with hydrogen peroxide it comes in different strengths and if you get it wrong the effects might not be so subtle. You’ll be safer using a product specifically suited to facial bleaching. Read the instructions and always do a test patch, ideally as close to the area where you’re going to use it but maybe behind your hairline where any adverse reaction can be comfortably hidden.