Hair length


What is the optimum hair length fo electrolysis? 1mm? Or does it need to be longer?



That’s usually enough. They just need to see the angle for the insertion. If you can have it a little longer, it can help, but it’s not necessary.


Thanks. Thursday I’m going to try electrolysis on those stubborn, wire-like white chest hairs.



I finally had my electrolysis session Friday. The method I had was thermolysis. Pain was similar to a Lightsheer treatment at 45J. Only the pain is in a smaller spot with the electro and is more momentary. I’m happy with the results. The white hairs are gone. Anything that grows back or comes back from being dormant will be zapped again. Since there was some time left I had some straggler dark hairs removed too.

The immediate smoothness from the electrolysis was nice. No waiting for the hairs to work their way out. I go back in 10 days to get some other areas we didn’t get to, such as the back of my neck and shoulders where there are a few white hairs.

I think laser with electrolysis follow up gives me the best of both treatment methods.



I agree, RJC-- it’s the one-two punch that is most likely to result in permanent results. Now if they can just get lasers to work on all hair and skin types…