hair length question

I have finally decided to go for my first full treatment on the sides of my face.I just want to know, how long should I let it grow before I go in??I will only be able to for a few days…will 3 days be enough?I do not shave it I only trim but i trim it fairly short…it is mostly blonde a few stray dark ones but those should be easy to get…thanks for any help! :wink:

It depends how fast your hair grows. Your electrologist must be able to grab the hair with a tweezer. S/he also needs to see the direction of the hair. Since we’re talking about fine light hair, it might be diffcult to see (see the pores) without very sofisticated magnification, which most electrologists don’t have. I cannot tell you for sure without seeing you. I have seen women with profound hirsutism, who don’t see it as such, as well as women with no hair at all (just about), who think that they are hairy beasts. This is to make the point that anyone’s evaluation of their hair is only subjective. Let your hair grow as much as it is comfortable for you and then go for your appointment. Your electrologist will let you know if this is inadiquate or just fine.

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • If the hair is longer or shorter than the optimal, this can slow the electrologist down, resulting in higher cost per hair removed.
  • Some electrologists won’t bother with smaller hairs, because they are harder to treat, or they just can’t. So get as many trial appointments in your area as you can. Every electrologist is different.

Good luck!