Hair is ruining my life

I am 25 years old and I am very hairy. I made the mistake about 2 years ago and started shaving my Sideburns and my whole neck. I spend lots of money on good make-up so no one will notice during work and when the weekends come on Friday nights I never want to go out because I would have to shave and it gets irritated shaving more then once a day. I really want to get Laser probably next month my parents are doing it for me but not sure where to go. I live in Las Vegas. I was wondering, after the treatment I see other people talking about shaving. That is my concern. I work so I would have to shave. Does shaving make the laser not work or make it grow back. Thanks for any info at all. This is really embarrassing for me but you all seem so nice so I don’t mind talking about it. Thank you so much.

Please don’t worry - shaving doesn’t promote hair growth!!

This is a missconception, as a lot of people shave in their teens, when hair growth is increasing. More hairs come back, and they wrongly figure it’s due to the shaving.

What it does do, is cut the hairs off flat, so when they come back through the skin, it looks worse.
I’ve found that if you use a multi-blade razor, they pull the hair up, cut it off, and then drop it below the surface of the skin. As the hair drops down, it pulls the skin down with it, and you get a dimple. Then as it breaks through the surface, you get a raised bump.

The uneven skin makes things look worse.

The problem with shaving and laser is that the skin is very tender afterwards, and shaving isn’t recommended. But if you had your laser sessions right after work on a Friday, you might be OK by Monday morning.
(Or see if you can take those Mondays off work? You have laser about 4 to 6 weeks apart, so it might mean you have to go without a vacation one year…)

Until you start laser, you might consider waxing or bleaching your hair. Waxing rips the hair out at the roots - when it grows back it has a tapered tip (rather than the blunt one you get with shaving).

Some people say waxing reduces hair growth, and can have permanent hair reduction. Others have told me that it can stimulate the blood supply, and increase hair growth.

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I am currently removing hair from a great portion of my body using the the LightSheer diode laser. The main reason for choosing this type of laser is that it was one of five types (I believe) of lasers according to the FDA,that provide a permanent “reduction”. I think that the TYPE of laser is just as important as the qualifications of the people using it.

After doing considerable research on this subject, I made a decision to go with the diode laser. Trying the Epilight several years ago left me disappointed and with some minor scarring on my upper lip.

As a male who has disliked hair all of my life, I think that after three treatments over most of the body, I’m quite pleased. The face, with a thick beard has proved to be the most successful, even at low fluences. Time will be the best test.

Don’t be discouraged!! If cost is a concern, shop around - I found that it is much cheaper to go to a technician rather than an M.D. Generally, doctors perform other tasks besides hair removal, and thus may not necessarily be as knowledgable as a licensed tech. Please check the license requirments in your state.

Hope this helps!

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A good technician can do just as good of a job with laser hair removal as an MD. As long as they work under the supervision of an MD, usually a dermatologist, you should do fine. The real key is experience. There is no substitue for experience.

I learned from a previous post about the Fitzpatrick skin types and I am a type IV. That makes me even more impressed with the results that I have achieved with no skin damage from the Lightsheer. It is because of the effectiveness of the diode laser and the skill of my practitioner, who works with a dermatologist. My practitioner is very popular and I have to make an appointment 6-8 weeks in advance. Once in awhile I am lucky enough to get in earlier with a cancellation.

You will see results even after 2-3 treatments and that will make shaving results better too.

The only restrictions on shaving are not to do it for 2-3 days after treatment and to shave the night before treatment.


Thank you all so much for the replys. I will look around and see what I can find. Money is not a problem at all. I am willing to pay anything so I will not have to shave my whole life. I plan on doing it in October or November. I will let you all know what happens. Thank you again. I am so glad I found this forum. :smile: Have a great weekend.

This Light Sheer Diode will it work on people with dark skin and dark hair. Be honest. I have already had some laser work done (softlight) which ruined my neck and chin. And the hair is not any better. By the way have you ever heard of YAG laser? Thanks.

Camiylle, most lasers work best on light skin and dark hair. Since you have a history of discoloration, I’d advise you to get treatment through a dermatologist’s office to reduce the likelihood of further injury.

I’m actually surprised you got discoloration from SoftLight-- it’s the safest of the lasers as far as side effects, but it’s also the least effective as far as permanence.

There are newer nd:YAG lasers since the SoftLight came out. The newer ones use long-pulse technology, where softlight used short pulses with a carbon lotion. There’s not a lot of data on long-pulse nd:YAGs, but some consumers have had satisfactory results.

In your case, I think you need to be extremely cautious if you plan to get more laser work done.

Hi Everyone. It’s been a while since I have been here. Well, i finally made the attempt to get the laser. I go for my third treatment August 2nd. I just have to say that it has changed my life. I am so happy with the reasults I can’t even explain it. I would recommend it to anyone. I still have a few more treatments to go but that should be it. I go every month. The Laser last for about 10 minutes or less and then I can go home and the next day I can shave and go on with my day. I use to shave in the morning like 4 or 5 times until I bled and I spend lots of money of make-up. Now I shave maybe twice and it does not grow back hardly at all. I can now go out after work without wondering if anyone notices the 5oclock shadow coming in. I am so thrilled and excited. I will post more when I get my next treatment. :smile:

Congratulations! Thanks for updating us with the good news. Which laser did you go with?