hair is growing back already after 3 days of treatment, why?

Hi All,

I went for my first lightsheer treatment 3 days ago, the technician seemed pretty experienced(has 8 years experience in laser hair removal). but after a few days i see a lot of hair in my bikini area and navel are not treated, the hair is growing back already!! and when i pull those hair by a tweezer, it has a lot of resistence, but the ones treated are very easy to be pulled out. can anybody tell me if i should call the laser center for a touch up or i should wait a couple of weeks until all the shedding is over. iam not sure if those are missed areas or all the hair is just not shedding yet? and if those hair are treated, how would they grow back so quickly?
anything would help

shedding happens between ween 2 and 3. you need to wait at least 3.5 weeks to make any sort of conclusions. before that period, do not pull on the hair. just gently scrub with a loofa in the shower. please read the sticky post with FAQs on this forum. It explains all of this. At first, hair looks like it’s growing, but it’s actually coming out of the skin to eventually shed.

if one is told that after having a laser session to come back in 4 weeks is that correct to get the anagen stage of hair? or isn’t it longer normally? (its for the chin area with the gentlelase) just wondering

the only thing you should be seeing at 4 weeks is whatever was missed during the treatment originally. so, technically it’s a “touch-up” and i would ask for it to be free and only go if there is a lot of hair missed. other than that, your treatments should be spaced 6-8 weeks apart to start, and 8-10 weeks afterwards, which is when you should see previously dormant hair become active in anagen phase.