hair in belly. big trouble


i am 21 old boy. i once shaved when hair in my belly was small, but now it grew badly. i shave once or twice, 3 to 4 years back. now i cant even remove my shirt in jym. its like mocking me to do next. can u please give some advise or so. need badly


Try not to stress too much, I doubt shaving has caused your hair to become dark more probable the hair has darkened and thickened as you have got older. To remove the hair you can either use laser or electrolysis, or a mixture of the two methods. Laser can have various results depending on you hair/skin type and laser used. electrolysis will give you premanent hair removal do some research talk to some clinics.


Just starting work on a young woman’s abdomen. Started around navel, removing only the thickest hairs first, thus you can see some redness on the right side of the picture. Will start the center abdomen and the client helps by holding her top back. I posted this to give an idea of female abdominal hair that I frequently see. Some have fine hairs all over their trunk and others just have a line of hair from navel to top of pubic area. Fairly easy to treat with MicroFlash or PicoFlash. She never shaved or waxed this area and it has progressively has gotten worse on its own.


Sorry to hijack this thread, but - dfahey, I know every client/practitioner/machine (and combinations thereof) is different, but how long do you expect it will take to treat this area?

Also, I am just going to guess, from the picture, that this young woman might also have finer hairs on her breast/breastbone area… is that right? If so, how would you handle any demarcation? Do you feel most electrologists know how to deal with this kind of growth?

(Hair on my abdomen is maybe 40% finer, lighter, and shorter than what is visible in the picture, as lit and shot.)

Also - thanks to you and your client for sharing the photo.


There are several methods to deal with unwanted hair. Laser hair removal and electrolysis are by far the most effective if you want the hair to be gone for good, though they can be expensive and take a long time to see desired results.