Hair Growth

Hey everyone,
I have a question about hair growth. IM 18 now and I have a couple stray hairs that have just popped up on my back, hehe well probably about 10 :smile: but I have some blond hair on my lower back too. Im just wondering from anyone who is already fully grown, when did your body hair start coming in, and how did it come in? Did it start off light and get darker, or did it just start out with a few stray hairs popping up? I would really appricate some information on this one. Thanks a lot guys… This web site is a major help!

surf411: Don’t wait to see what the end result of those hairs that are just starting. Instead begin electrolysis treatment on the few hairs you now have and the continue as new hairs appear. In that way you can remain smooth. Otherwise you’ll end up with hair all over and find it too expensive or not have the time to get back to the days of a nice smooth body.

As barrester noted, hair growth is a gradual process, but it adds up over time. If you get them early, maintenance is a much easier thing. You will see new hair continue to grow the trest of your life, but you will probably see the most significant increase in the next 5-10 years.

aha, well i’m 28 and hair is still defenatly comin in

but i’m also killing it faster than ever now:)