hair growth on my mind..

Hi, at the present, I’m getting hair removal on my arms
(I’m Asian male).

By now, I’ve had two clearings of both arms,
but as I’m getting ready for the third one,
the hairs on my arms have grown back thick and long as before.
(No, I didn’t take any before-after pictures,
so I can’t be sure).
Anyway, the results aren’t as good as I had hoped for.

What should I be expecting at this point?
How many clearings are necessary to see dramatic result?
I vaguely remember my electrolyst saying…15 times or something?
I trashed that idea at the time
but… maybe she was onto something.

What if she’s not a good electrolyst?
How do I know for sure?

you won’t know for sure until you sample 3-4 to compare. at least 3 clearances are necessary just because you have 3 hair growth cycles, so the hair you’re seeing is different. plus, some hairs being treated the first time are already dead and can’t be killed until they’re in anagen phase again. overall, it takes at least 9-12 months of consistent treatments. how long have you been going?

It’s been two months.
Just on the arms.

So you mean that three treatments are necessary to see ANY result?

It seems like the arms are just as hairy as before if not longer(though it’s probably only in my mind)

My electrolyst, she’s always like,
“look! it’s all gone~ next time we do it, it’ll be smooth!”

2 months is not that long. hair cycles on some areas last 3 months or so. that’s why you really see results within 9-12 months. but after 3-4 months a lot less hair should be coming back. as long as you’re going in to kill hair as soon as it shows up and she knows what she’s doing, you’ll be fine. but this isn’t a short process by any means. expect at least a year for good results. like i said, i would also sample a few electrologists to compare.

As long as the new hairs are coming in like new baby hairs before getting long then you are getting good treatment. If those hairs are coming in ingrown and stubbly (and you are NOT shaving) then you might have a concern.

It is common for us (professional electrologists) to have clients think that it looks as bad as before while it IS lessening. My theory is that the client is spoiled (not a bad thing) by having the area cleared so that when the undergrowth shows up it just looks like a forest!