Hair Growth Doubts

First of all, sorry for posting in the wrong thread, but I find no place to post this.

I have a simple question. From what I understood we have a certain amount of follicles in our bodies and is the same for the rest of our lives. Some are “awake” and others “asleep”

So if we have 50000 follicles in our legs, 30000 growing and the other 20000 sleeping, if we do laser, we will be able to kill all the 30000, with 20000 remaining “sleeping”, that may or may not start growing right?

If we take certain medicines, or have some hormonal issues, etc, we induce those “asleep” hairs, or create new ones?

I hope it made sense.

Thanks in advance!

Hair removal methods can only affect the currently active follicles.

Yes, if you have hormonal changes that stimulate dormant follicles, you may need a touchup later in life.

However, it’s not a given that you’ll develop new hair. It’s different for everyone. There are lots of factors involved.

Thanks for answering.

Just to clarify, is it possible to appear NEW hair in our bodies, I mean hair that isn’t dorment. Or is it bioligically impossible?

If you are a teenager as your user name implies, it is highly likely, that you do not yet have all your potential body hair yet.

Men develop hair way into their late 20s. So yes, if you’re a teen, you’re just starting to develop hair and more will come for a while.

Yes, new follicles that didn’t grow hair before will start growing hair later in your life.