Hair growth after electrolysis


I’m getting electrolysis since some month now and it’s great I’m very happy but I have a question. Some of my hair regrowed (I’m sure they are the same in some place I had only one hair).
I her if it was normal and she told me yes they have to be destroyed two or three times because of the cycle of the hair. I would like to know what you think?

Thank you very much

Yes, at any given time, about 1/3 of the hair in an area is actively growing. You will need to treat an area several times to get all hairs as they are actively growing. Your practitioner can explain more!

Thank you very much for the explanation

That’s normal, hun. And yes, multiple treatments/sessions are sometimes required to remove the hair completely. However, unfortunately, it’s still not a permanent solution. It varies from one person to another, from one type of skin to another, but the hairs will be back sooner or later. Sometimes it’s decades, but sometimes it’s only a couple of years. True, though, that there will be less hair than initially. My mom works at a hair loss clinic at Google Maps, and she knows these things very well. And now I do too (somewhat involuntarily LOL) since my mom wouldn’t stop blabbering about it, hahaha!

After 45-years of practicing electrology, this statement is totally false. I will put my thousands of client’s experiences (and my own) against what your mom is telling you. Such statements annoy me … no actually infuriating.

Your mom is grossly misinformed and you are spreading misinformation that is irresponsible and reckless. Perhaps both of you would like to take this up with the FDA which states that electrolysis is a method of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL.

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