Hair grows back thicker?

I’ve seen it mentioned several times now that a plucked/waxed hair will likely grow back thicker. Is that really true? I thought that was an old wives’ tale.
Could anyone cite sources for this information?

It’s been the exact opposite for me. After several years of waxing I have gone from thick course black hair to fine soft lighter hair. I don’t know if this is the norm, but I am glad it is for me

That’s what I thought. I mean, that’s what I’ve always heard. But I’ve seen some people here say otherwise.

Leg hair and eyebrow hair will lessen as one ages due to lessened blood circulation, or nutritional deficiencies. Waxing will never make hair on the face get thinner and weaker.

Burns and scar tissue from waxing can also sometimes cause hair on legs and eyebrowns to lessen, but, again, facial hair, like upper lip and chin won’t lessen with repeated waxing.

This fact is also why Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation practitioners love to do samples on Legs, because almost anything will have some success on legs.

Waxing body hair and facial hair are two different issues.
If you are referring to results with waxing arm or leg hair nofuzz, you MAY have a “positive” outcome with returning hair being much finer.

Facial hair and other areas of hair that are stimulated by metabolic hormones will certainly grow stronger and often the blood supply will increase so much that it makes getting rid of this coarser hair, permanently, a costly, more painful, more time consuming venture.

This is one of those hotly debated topics that goes back and forth many times here on hairtell. After over a century of long term observation, by many, many practitioners in the field of hair removal and hair biology researchers from days past,I would never encourage my clients to wax or pluck facial hair, repeatedly. Many electrolysis clients seek treatment for facial hair that use to be easily taken care of by waxing, but complain that after years of repeated waxing, that the hair is too strong for the wax to pull out.

Clearly, a long term research project would be helpful to ease this debate, but I think that is unlikely. Researchers are busily focused on curing baldness or finding the answers, at the cellular level, as to what is needed to interfer with the production of unwanted hair. Whoever succeeds at finding answers to these problems will be very, very, very rich, not to mention how many peoples lives will be ENriched by their genius. I don’t think there is much of a reward awaiting those who study and research the effects waxing, so Greta will have to wait and keep hoping for those citations.

Afterthought: If you are interested in past discussion on this issue please refer to this thread. The good stuff starts about six posts from the top. It’s long.…&PHPSESSID=


In my case I was referring to body hair. And again, in my case the difference has been dramatically finer and lighter hair.

i used to wax my chest back and stomach for a year, and while i was waxing i thought the hair was growing back thinner and slower…
but as soon as i stoped waxing in preparation for my current electrolosist schedual, i noticed that once all the hair had grown back… 3 months of letting it grow… i actually had more hair, and darker hair.
so in my experiance, unless you plan on waxing FOREVER, DONT DO IT!!! just do electrolosist, your waxing will just screw you over in the long run! i have about 3 times as much back hair now than i did before i started waxing

All this sounds provokative, but is there a chance that hair simply grows in thicker with time regardless of waxing or plucking?

I mean if you start plucking small hairs from your chin when you’re 18, and let it grow out when you’re 45, it seems reasonable to me that you very well may have grown alot more hair in that time.

Your question may have a “yes” or “no” answer, Greta. Hair is complicated and mysterious and there are many, many variables happening from above the skin’s surface and below the skin’s surface that makes these questions hard to answer.

Let’s ask some more questions.

Does the hair follicle grow sturdier and stronger with repeated waxing, sugaring or plucking? Yanking out hair causes blood to rush to the injured area, right? Hair needs a good blood supply to grow, right? Blood carries male hormones, right? Might it be plausible to assume that under these conditions, is it possible that hair can become stronger?

Questions 2, 3, 4, are not considered controversial. This along with many decades of observations, is why it seems reasonable to me to advise my clients not to wax those facial hairs.

If a well-structured, long term clinical study (with more than 9 subjects) pops up with information that disputes a correlation between waxing causing more resilient hair growth,I would gladly fall in line and switch my views on this subject. Until then, I will continue to believe the sources in my electrology textbooks, along with my clients statements and my own observations.


Greta Greta Greta…
I went to your blog as you provided the link on your above posts, “Hair Removal Guide”.
Why would you provide information about hair removal methods and omit information about electrolysis?

In any event, you indicate plenty of info. about laser hair removal but are you aware that you are providing incorrect information? [/color]

You indicate, “Laser hair removal can only be performed by a licensed professional.” For example, in the state of NY, my company can bring in a laser and my receptionist can administer the laser hair removal treatments. Licensed? I think the only license she currently holds is her driver’s license.

Regarding laser, you indicate, “In this proccess a laser is used to “kill” the hair root.” Well, killing the root does not end unwanted hair, you need to destroy the dermal papilla for permanent hair removal… which might just be the reason why lasers are not the best bet for permanent hair removal; electrolysis is.

Regarding laser, you indicate, “It can be used anywhere that hair grows…” Not exactly… you don’t want the lasers going close to the eye area so you can’t do eyebrows or ingrown eyelashes… electrolysis can be done in those areas but nope, not lasers.

[color:“red”] I also noticed the laser hair removal ads on your blog. [/color]

(edited comment)

having ads automatically means you have no integrity? that seems pretty bizarre and harsh to me.

I can pretty much guarantee you she recieves more money in donations than she needs to run this site. beyond that, she runs blatantly “for-profit” sites ala deep stealth, etc.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of that; I personally make a full time living online. but it seems silly, unneccesarily and just plain bizarre to pretend that simply because there are no ads on her sites that she’s somehow immediately on the moral highground. ads aren’t the only way to monetize sites.

[color:“red”]You write, “having ads automatically means you have no integrity? that seems pretty bizarre and harsh to me.” [/color]
[color:“blue”]My response: Having laser ads at a website that presents itself to be a hair removal informational guide and leaves out information about electrolysis is what is bizarre to me.[/color]

[color:“red”] You write, “I can pretty much guarantee you she recieves more money in donations than she needs to run this site. beyond that, she runs blatantly “for-profit” sites ala deep stealth, etc.” [/color]
[color:“blue”] My response: I truly hope this website does generate money for the creator as it is the finest hair removal website I have seen thus far. And thank you for letting me know about deep stealth. I didn’t know Andrea was involved in TransAmerica. I thought it was brilliantly scripted and acted. Bravo![/color]

[color:“red”] You write, “I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with any of that; I personally make a full time living online. but it seems silly, unneccesarily and just plain bizarre to pretend that simply because there are no ads on her sites that she’s somehow immediately on the moral highground. ads aren’t the only way to monetize sites.”[/color]
[color:“blue”] My response: My comments to Greta had to do with inaccurate information at her site. I then surmised that perhaps there was a truly conscious motive for leaving out information about electrolysis at a Hair Removal Information Site after seeing the laser ads.[/color]

It is quite interesting to me when folks decide to go incognito. This is your first post on this entire website and you decide to address this issue? Hmmm.

I mostly just lurk. look at my registration date, I didn’t just sign up to respond to this.

also, Greta doesn’t personally decide what ads to show. it’s automated based on the content of the page. it’s part of the google adsense program.

it’s no secret that Andrea James makes money (and significant money) off of her sites-- including this one. even her “non-profit” sites make money, both directly and indirectly.

you’ve yet to explain how webmasters that use ads lack integrity, yet Andrea somehow transcends this because she makes money via other means on her sites.

If my site has helped save you time or money, I hope you will consider a small donation to maintain the site. I’d like to spend all my time helping others with projects like this, but I need your help if I’m going to make a living at this.


Arlene, I have edited some personal remarks from your post. I do not allow personal attacks on other members.

It’s good to correct misinformation and discuss points of view, but let’s do it in a constructive tone, even if we disagree.

As far as a blog that has ads, I don’t really see any problem with that unless the content is stolen or it is a spamblog.

Trust me, hairfacts and hairtell do not cover my time spent on them. I end up having to spend a lot of time dealing with refereeing threads like this, deleting spammers, or dealing with “what do you recommend” emails.

My business model to date has been donation and subscription driven, like shareware or Consumer Reports, but most people don’t really seem to feel a need to donate. Of the 11,000+ members, I get about a donation a day and a subscription or two a week. Most donations are 2 or 3 bucks, so do the math and you’ll see that this site doesn’t even pay for a few days of my time, and I spend way longer than that each year on this site. I spent several hours the other day fielding a call from the brother of an upset spammer who was mad about what it said on the site about them. I get legal threats. I even got a death threat that I reported to the cops a few years ago.

I’ve done this to date as a service to other consumers, but I find it less and less appealing to deal with this kind of petty stuff when I could be doing more important things like updating the site or writing other things.

I am going to lock this thread. If anyone wishes to continue discussing waxing and regrowth, please start a new thread.


Thank you for commenting on my site. I’ve updated my information slightly.

The reason I provide no information on electrolysis is because I haven’t written a section on electrolysis yet. I plan to in the near future.

As for the ads, they are chosen automatically by google, depending on what words I use in the content of my site. If I say “hair removal” alot, it provides ads for hair removal products. I don’t have any affiliation with laser products.