Hair growing non-stop :( kinda frustrating

Aside from the fact that it is hereditary… also suffering from PCOS I want to undergo laser hair removal but bit skeptic,… I am afraid it wont go well with me the same good result as for others help… I’m also afraid it’s painful…

Hi if you’re like me i’m hispanic and also have PCOS. I have tried many hair removal methods. My first was Vaniqua yes it worked for me it basically slowed the hair growth down and after several weeks I could go a couple of day without shaving my face which was a HUGE deal. I’ve dealt with excess hair since I was 12 and it’s only gotten worse:-( The thing with Vaniqua is it’s pricey and I wouldn’t recommend for large areas. I did regular laser treatments for 3 years on my face I think there is some hair reduction but I wouldn’t even say 50% and I bet this is due to the excess testosterone we PCOSers have so I still feel self conscious about it and have to shave but it is better than it was when I started. I just got my Silk’n in today (that’s how I found this site) I was pleasantly surprised but I wasn’t at highest setting either so i’m sure the pain will come. I will let you know how it goes. I hope this is a good choice for me being a PCOSer since our hormones are crazy. $50 every ~8 weeks is more doable for me. I don’t want to spend more money on laser or even electrolysis treatments every 6-8 weeks if this can keep things at bay for a good while and heck if I manage to get my hormones under control maybe things could be even better. I have high hopes as I always do:-) I am going to keep a session photo journal and after several treatments will let you know or you can always PM anytime. I wish I had kept one from the laser because I know there is a difference I just don’t see it I guess since I still have to shave and it’s still an embarrassment to me:-( I wish you luck if you choose that endeavor. There is a cream you can buy at the office to numb your face that you apply ~30min before session and it doesn’t completely numb it but it does help and the gel they put on afterwards kind of makes you forget about the pain then you get an ice pack:-) They had upped my setting since I was still going after so long. Again i’m sure due to hormones. That’s me anyways I have medium tone skin and coarse black hair. My endocrinologist says if I get down to a healthy weight and stay there my testosterone will level out and over time my hair won’t necessarily go away but it can come in lighter and/or finer and that is music to my ears and so far i’ve lost 10 pounds a small amount but in the right direction. If you see an endocrinologist ask about spironolactone (google it for hirutism or PCOS) I was prescribed that as well for excess hair but when my husband and I decided to try to conceive I had to stop taking it. It’s recommended you take for like a year before you see results from it and that you should take BCP along with it too. Sorry I know I just said a lot of blah blah blah i’m sure;-) Good Luck

I’m a African American woman with hirutism. I’ve been going through electrolysis for a year now. I can clearly see how my face is clearing; chin, jawline and neck, but, the problem I’m having is that my skin is extremely sensitive. I have dark prick marks everywhere the needle has been inserted. So what you see is a shadow of scaring that looks worst than the hair growing itself. My provider say’s that this will clear up in time. It’s been a year going into two years. I’m now considering laser but not sure if the hyperpigmentation will ever clear??

Laser can cause hyperpigmentation issues. Electrolysis is clearly working to permanently remove hair. I would not consider laser when results are clearly coming with electrolysis. Hperpigmentation is an immune response and should clear with a little time. Can you submit a picture? When you get a bug or spider bite, how does your skin react?

I too am a PCOS sufferer. And the worst part of being one is that unwanted facial hair. I have been on the spironolactone for quite sometime and I really didn’t see no change in the hair growth. I was still shaving everyday. Sometimes shaving twice a day. I do have a back injury and getting spinal injections every 2-3 months with being shot up with the steriods I do have quite the body mass on me. I am really not overweight as when I try to lose weight I just put it all back on in muscle. I’m thinking that because I take the steriod injections I will just remain the same. There is going to be nothing out there for me that I am able to use to minimize or eliminate hair.

Steroids are in the classification of drugs that can cause hirsutism as a possible side effect. You can still get laser(if you are indeed a good candidate) and electrolysis to get the hairs that are there now. You may have to keep maintaining in the future though.

Hi everyone thank you for all the inputs these are all really helping me. I’ve researched as much as I can about some treatment and well as of the moment I am calling and visiting clinics near my area to see what I can do who can totally help me. So far, my struggle is that all of them (and not exaggerating) claims that they are the best, well I am happy about that but really confuse me to the point that from my research different machines have their own unique characteristic some works well some doesn’t. How can I really know right. I still have regular visit with my OB and she has been so patient with me being emotional every now and then. I really hope things will get better, another factor is money because lasers really cost a lot.So good luck to me.

Yes, good luck to you, JM. The best laser for you depends on your skin color. If you have very coarse, dense dark hair, all the better. The skill of the laser specialist also matters a great deal. Real lasers seem to be better than IPL’s. Real laser are alexandrites, diodes and YAG’s. A good clinic should have choices of lasers that suit anybody skin color. Just make your own list from the places you call and do a search here on hairtell for each individual laser. There is a lot of information here. If you submit a picture and describe your hair color and structure as you see it, then perhaps some advice will come your way.