Hair graft removal


Has anyone had any success with having their hair grafts removed via electrolysis. I want mine removed. Any advice would be appreciated.

When removing this hair, my advice would be to ensure the graft was not recent, say a space of 12 months. I had a client that had it removed by thermolysis soon after the graft and the scaring was not good. I referred him onto a plastic surgeon. Be conscious of what the skin will look like after the hair is gone. Find a good operator that is a master of their technique, spread your treatments out - my advice would be not to use heat on skin grafting, use galvanic multi or blend without the thermolysis component. Check out Bono, he is the master of Blend,
I work with oral cavity grafts using the blend technique, and scalp with multi probe, and based on my research through the medical profession, you have the risk of heat damaging the graft.

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Yes, we have done the hair graft removal from beard transplant and eyebrow transplant, but I would suggest that it is better that those grafts be left alone unless they are causing problems like ingrowth or they can be just thinned out (removing one graft hairs between two grafted tufts). Remember, whenever, the hair grafting has been done, slits (holes) have been made. These slits are hidden by hair growth. Once the grafts are removed by electrolysis then those slits become visible and in cosmetic area like beard or eyebrows, these slits cannot be concealed. Where area did you get the hair grafting done (from which you want hair removal)

Thank you, I so appreciate the simplicity you give an answer, you always slip an element of learning in your writings. Do you think it is possible when using heat on a graft to remove selected hairs, that it can cause a keloid issue? The gentleman I was referring to, had a rope effect where the hairs had been removed by a thermolysis operator- very obvious, hence my suggestion for plastic surgery, and yet did not normally form keloid. Just an observation