Hair free with treatments every second week? Experts?! need to know

If one would cover a body area with laser or IPL shots say every second week, would the area stay more or less hair free? I meen if you do this without awaiting total hair regrowth and shaving etc. If you just run over the area every second week and get whatever thinn straws that are on their way up so that they wont grow further and then fall of. I would realy like my back and arms to always be hair free. Some thinn hair tops that are on their way up isn’t a problem, they look like peach fuzz. But when they get longer it’s unsightly.
Does anyone know if this has been tried?

I am seriously concidering bying a IPL machine. It seems like the only way I will ever have peace of mind. If I could zapp myself every week and know that my hair will never grow out fully. I hope home machines will be produced soon. I am very tired at not beeing able to live.

I hope someone experienced could say if what I am writing is realistic. I hope it is, otherwise I’m a impossible case. I had a lot of new hair growth above my collarbones and towards my neck after my 7:th treatment, I meen hair growth on areas that never before had that much hair. It’s like someone has planted them, they are MANY. But I must say that that treatment was at a very low fluence and I didn’t feel any pain at all, and I repeatedly asked them to turn up the fluence but the practitioner said that it isn’t necessary. So a warning, don’t get treated at low fluences that doesn’t sting. It should sting and feel like short burning sensations that hurt!

You and me are just plain out of luck, been getting
laser for 5 years 20 back treatments and almost 15
on rest of body…no luck. Got some reduction on legs
my upperbody has not made hardly a differance at all.
Well its now been week nine post last treatment and
the hairs are really starting to come in, give it 3-4
more weeks and my back will look like a rug, my neck
will look like im wearing a turtle neck sweater. Have not
heard of nothing new lately, every time something comes out
with hope fades away. The misery continues

rcrules, have you had any new triggered hair growth or are you as hairy as you were before? Actualy I don’t think that laser is a totaly worthless, it has made my hairs much thinner and that is good think for my legs, butt, chest, abs and arms. But I just hate to have much hair on my upper arms, shoulders and back even if it is much thinner that before.

I never had any additional hair growth, just the same
amount as always. I think one of my relatives way back
say 100 years ago must have been playing around with
a buffalo cause my hair is still very thick in most
area’s. Im just gonna wait till I cant stand it anymore
then get it waxed, dont know what else to do.