Hair falling out

Hey everyone,
I just had my first laser hair removal session about 2 weeks ago on my chest and abs. My hair was not that thick, but dark and whatnot. I was “zapped” with the gentlelase, and I havesome questions about my hair falling out. Well a good amount of my hair fell out already but there is still like little stubble. I discovered with tweezers if I pull a hair in the slightest way, it slides right out and I do not feel a thing what so ever. Like there is no force holding the hair in…just slides right out. Is this ok to do with the hairs that remain. I shaved them about a week after my session and im thinking maybe they just are staying there because they are too short to fall out. I really just want to know if its alright to pull the loose hairs out, or am I just screwing up the process? Thanks a lot.

You waited 2 weeks, good. If their are loose hairs, it is actually wise to carefully pull them out. Debris left behind in follicles can cause pimpling or blackheads etc. As long as they come out easy, I don’t see how it could hurt.

It’s ok to do that. If the hair pulls out easily. If you don’t have any scabbing you can use a loofah to help loosen the hairs too.


It takes 2 good weeks after a laser appointment for most of my zapped hairs to come out. A few linger longer than that, but be careful with pulling. If you pull a hair that is actually growing (you’ll feel the tug, rather than it sliding out easily)… I think you reduce the chance of it getting hit during your next session.