hair darkening

Hi, I’m new here and I already have a question, maybe you can help me.
I’m a natural ginger haired person and as opposed to some ginger lovers I hate it. I dye it but as my body hair, eyelashes, eyebrows,…are also yellowish, I really hate it.

I’ve been doing some research and it’s been told that some vitamins, hair pills,… might have an effect on hair pigmentation. I would love to have it darker without the use of dyes. Is there anyone who could help me with it?

Latisse can darken your eyelashes quite a lot if you can afford it. I dunno about anything else though.

Have you thought of going to a beauty salon, and having eye lash and brow tinting. It is great for blonds, redheads and people with light brown hair.

eyelash tinting, been there, done that. after 2 days the white starts to show again and you look like a chameleon, it doesn’t solve the root problem.
I haven’t tried latisse, but it’s similar to lumigan i’ve heard, I have ordered it but it caused red eyes and severe itching and after many months my lashes weren’t any darker. Maybe the real latisse is different.
I was thinking of something you can swallow, like orthomolecular medicine, they got to have things that work on hair pigment I suppose.

The problem you have here is that as a redhead, you don’t actually have melanin. Redheads produce a variation on this substance. While those with darker hair and complexions go gray from lack of zinc, copper, and exposure to cigarette smoke, the best you could hope for would be to have these hairs become more red. To make them brown or black would require a genetic change in how your body pigments itself. Sorry, but I am unaware of a way to change a body from growing red hair to brunette, or blond.

I know that melanotan darkens hair and skin, I’ve used it, but then you have to inject yourself, store it cool, pretty tough when you travel a lot.
it shows that there are ways to change it without the use of dyes and not as drastical as gene therapy for instance.

I’ve found this:

it proves that latisse contains ingredients that work on pigmentation
I’ve tried to contact the investigators but they don’t reply if you’re not a doctor and just want an answer to a personal question.