Hair coarsening because of enzyme?

I found this post on the electrolysis forum (it is further down)about a kind of “hairyness enzyme”.
Has anyone experienced hair becoming more coarse becuase of waxing? I’m thinking about start waxing my back hair becuase the hairs have become very fine now after 7 IPL-treatments, but they don’t get removed, just thinner and thinner. Could I make the hairs thick again by waxing it?
Here comes the post:

"Just a little addition to the Vaniqua talks, I got this from another forum:

Barbara Kieffer Greathouse of Topeka Kansas writes:

Some individuals have an enzyme in their skin that is like a magnet to their normal circulating hormones. These individuals will grow hair in these areas. The areas seem to follow the pattern of the Ferriman and Gallwey hirsutism rating scale. The individuals with this enzyme will have coarsening of hair with the irritation of waxing. Individuals without this enzyme will see less hair with waxing. The people with this enzyme are the people who will see a product like Vaniqa work - IF they use it consistently, however, they can spend the same money on electrology treatments and REALLY get rid of the hair.

It would also seem that other people with excess hair growth have it for other reasons - not necessarily related to the enzyme. So again, we are faced with mysterious reasons for hair growth."

yes, for most people, hair gets more coarse after waxing because you keep pulling it out with the root and the body counteracts it by making the root stronger.

I see, it doesn’t sound good. So I will have thrown away my money if I start waxing my back? But laser/IPL cant make you hairfree on the back and that is what most seek. I hope I am one of those who doesn’t have this enzyme.
I have often heard from women and girls that hair actualy gets thinner when you wax.

Those with a certain enzyme make-up will get some reduction from waxing, most won’t. The difference is that as circulation reduces legs reduce in hair just because there is less blood feeding the follicles, and the fillicles in eyebrows are sometimes so fragile and shallow that the scar tissue from waxing, and or plucking can sometimes damage them beyond repair. Neither of these things is ever true on facial hair.

I see. But is this speciall enzyme that causes coarsening of hair after waxing only present in the face follicles? I mean, is it common for back hair to get coarser becuase of waxing or does it stay the same in most cases? I must say, I did wax my back before starting IPL treatment I can’t remember seeing any change in the hair growth or texture, it grew back just as it was before. But now my hairs have become very fine and it would be good if they stayed fine when I start waxing (I mean I hope they don’t get coarse because of waxing, I understand that this can happen due to other factors).