Hair Breaks & Not All Comes Out

Hello… New to waxing and the first kit I used was Nair’s Microwavable Waxing Kit. Smells nice and was easy to use. While it pulled up most of the hair (but not all of it) it left my leg feeling stubbly. I went over some of the stubbly spots and to pick up strays and still – feels stubbly. I then tried Sally Hanson’s Sugar Wac Hair Remover Kit and same thing. (I do not like this product much at all, Nair was better.) I think I am doing it right… I am warming it up correctly, applying a thin layer, removing the strips in opposite direction and close to skin…
Any advice or maybe suggestion of another wax to use?


Even though you may think you are doing it right you may be doing it wrong. It might be better to do it professionally as the results may turn out to be much better.

Hope it works out,


make sure the hair is long enough. wax needs hair to be slightly longer so that the wax has something to hold on. if not, then the hair stays on and it will feel stubbly to you of course. goo dluck!