Hair between the two Brows!!

im 24 years old male, i wanted to know that what is the best treatement for removing the hair between the two eye brow, i usually remove them with a twizzer ever 3 dayz but its a pain. I was wondering if lazer or electrolosys should be good or any, other treatment to recommand me.

wanted to say that im always embarassed when i go shoppin or anything else.

tnx lot

If it were me (and I work at a laser facility), if between the brow is the only area you want treated, then why not go to an experienced electrologist? For such a small area, an good electrologist could get you clearance for about the same cost as laser, and thin/shape the area at the same time. Laser is great, but it cannot shape the area - the beam of energy is just not concentrated properly for that.

I would have to agree that electrolysis is best for such precise work in a small area.

You will look finished from the first appointment, and all through the treatment time, if you schedule your appointments correctly.