Hair Away by Body EQ (WARNING!)


Any one have any experience with this combination hair remover\growth inhibitor?


I didn’t see any info on hairfacts.Thanks :wink:

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Hi florfina–

Hadn’t heard of this one till your question, so thanks for the heads up! :smile:

Hair Away by Body EQ should be avoided by all consumers.

Just for you, did a little research and added a page on these guys:

Hairfacts: Hair Away by Body EQ (WARNING!)

I also added a word to your headline so future readers can get the verdict quicker! :wink:

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BTW,you sure threw that page up quickly,esp. considering time for research.As the kiddies say: “you rock”

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florfina, unfortunately, I’ve had way too much practice sniffing out these kinds of people. It’s an endless line of get-rich quick schemes. The scary thing is that hair restoration and weight loss are probably both ten times worse than the hair removal industry! Sometimes I feel like I need a shower after researching some of these companies. :roll_eyes:

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florfina, while it does seem as though the “inhibitors” are scams, there is an interesting new product out there.

I’ve been using a product from Jergens called a “shave minimizer” for about 4 weeks. I have a heavy beard and am also using it in other areas where I feel I have too much hair (forearms, etc). The only real test has been my face, since that’s what I shave. It has worked well there, shaving is much faster and easier.

It’s not a “miracle product” like the inhibitors (which as far as I can tell, don’t work), but it’s worth looking into!


john, many find the emollients in Jergens can make shaving much easier, but some have found it’s a bit greasy and causes breakouts. Keep us updated on how it works on your face!