hair after laser treatment


Could someone answer a couple questions, as I am confused about hair regrowth after laser treatment(s).

Does hair regrowth truly appear as lighter,
finer hairs?


Were the lighter, finer hairs always there and
now appear more prominent since the darker
hairs are gone?

If the hairs regrow as finer lighter hairs, is it because the melanocytes (cells that make the color for the hair) have been destroyed? Is this why laser is called permanent hair reduction?

I thought I had this concept clear in my mind, but after reading several consumer posts, I am doubting my understanding.


No, the fine hairs were not there originally, although some people could have a mixture of vellus hairs that are dark, along with the terminal hairs. What usually happens is that the laser doesn’t completely destroy the hair-germinating bulb and root of the follicle, and this follicle produces a smaller, weaker structure ( this can also happen with undertreatment with electrolysis). For some clients this is not really a bothersome situation, and for others it is definitely an issue. 70-90% permanent reduction is a reasonable expectation for laser hair removal, with possible touch-up after a year. :wink:


Thank you hairfetish. I always learn from your comments.