Had to reschedule a laser hair removal appointment because of quarantine, the earliest they have is a month out. Is moving my treatments back a month going to mess up the treatments?

Hi there,

I have been going to someone for laser hair removal, I have only done two treatments so far. The lady who is treating me told me it’s important to do my hair removal every two months to get the all the hair whose phase is later than the last appointment.

My last appointment I had to cancel because I tested positive for Covid and was at the end of my quarantine. The issue is that the next appointment they have is a full month later. It seemed to be super important to do treatment every two months, will pushing back all of my appointments by a month mess up the schedule?

I’m considering moving to see someone else anyways since I’ve moved further away and the drive is very far, but I’m wondering how important it is that I get an appointment sooner rather than later.

Thanks in advance!