Had second treatment today, with a Fischer and had to hold a wet thing

I went to an office in Oak Brook Il. that was advertised to have an Apilus machine, my appt. was with someone who has been doing this for over 17 yrs and she uses a Fischer (blend machine)? She said there are a couple people in her office who use Apilus but she finds it takes longer to use.
Anyway I think I had a good experience compared to last Friday where I had a Bad experience with another electrologist who left me with HUGE scabs !! The new electrologist’s name is Gay and she didn’t like to use “magnify glasses” and it went well. She got a ton of my light but long fuzz on my neck, I just wondered about her having me hold a wet handle attatched to the machine? She said the machine is her favorite, should I stick with her or try another electrologist in the office who uses the Apilus?

What is important is how your skin looked when you were done, and how many hairs you lost during treatment. Since she doesn’t have a counter on her machine, she can’t tell you how many hairs she removed, but you can see how large the bare space is, or how much the area is thinned out.

If you like her work, and the speed is comparable to others in the office, then there is no reason not to use her. Just make sure you give everyone in the office a try at one time or another.

If the person using the Apilus is using blend, or utilizes the autosensor mode in thermolysis, you would still need to be grounded by the “wet thingy” so the work could be done.

This electrologist used NO magnification? Perhaps you only meant “glasses” - but using no magnification would concern me.

Did you have a different area treated the second time? An area that has huge scabs should be allowed to heal before having another treatment.

Using the indifferent electrode (wet thing) does not mean that she used blend on you. The Fischer CBX has an auto-sense delay which allows the electrologist to do thermolysis without using a foot switch to turn on the current. Fischer manufactures an excellant epilator.

Thanks James and Barbara, She did not use glasses or any type of magnification. She simply had a large over head dental type lamp. She was careful to avoid the scab area and this morning I have no new scabs but I do have little red bumps <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

I think I will try another electrologist in the office. I really want to try this Apilus machine, because I want so much to not have any marks on my skin for prides sake.
I also don’t understand why she didn’t get all my eyebrow hairs ?? There were at least 10 black hairs inbetween and under that she just ignored ? I hate walking around like that.

Perhaps she missed those hairs because she did not use magnification. Using good magnification is essential to performing a proper treatment. Magnification allows us to see all the hair as well as to see the follicle opening.

Red bumps today and not right after the treatment? The usual reaction would be right away.

It might be a good idea to try others.

I did have some red bumps right away after the treatment, and then same bumps a bit faded not so inflamed and now tonight they seem much better. I think I will try another electrologist in the office, because I really want NO skin issues after treatment…