Had my first treatment with new GentleLase today!

Hi everyone,

Just had my first treatment today for my arms using the new GentleLase laser. I went there and the nurse shaved my arms for me and then applied some sort of cream after an hour or so the doctor came in and started the treatment.

I was surprised at how fast the doctor finished the treatment it took only about 15 minutes or less to do both my arms and i felt no pain at all. Well there was a bit of a sting there but only in some area. I was really nervous reading here on the forum that it can really hurt. I had very little redness as well and half an hour later it was all fine. I don’t know what settings he was using but i’ll give them a call and find out from the doctor about the settings. Maybe the settnigs were too low? Or maybe that’s the way this machine works? Some small hair on my arms get burned and curled and it looks pretty bad right now i thougt after the treatment my arms wil be really smooth.

I hope i have a good results, anyway i’ll be going for the follow up treatments. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


You will need to wait for 3-4 weeks until the hair falls out.The your arms will feel smooth.