had my first appt


i had my underarms, neck, lower legs, and brazillian done. i didn’t use any numbing cream. 30 joules for everything but my legs which was at 35. definitely felt the zaps but it was very tolerable with the most feeling in the bikini area. all the redness and any swelling has gone away except for the bikini area which looks like there is pepper all over with a bit of redness. itchiness there as well but i had that before i had the laser so i don’t think it’s a reaction to the laser. keeping my fingers crossed for a relatively hair free me.


hairyme keep us informed as to how you progress. Also since you had several areas done at the same time, please let us know which areas were the most sucessful with your first treatment. Did you shave those areas before going for treatment?


i did shave all the areas to be treated the day before i went in except for the two patches on my neck. i couldn’t shave that area while looking in the mirror. the tech did that right before she started. i am now on day 3 since the appt. my bikini area seems to be growing back as usual, my underarms do not seem like usual. by this time i would already have to shave but i have barely any stubble there. same for my legs and neck. i do have one little bump on the side of my neck but i can’t see it so i don’t know what is going on with it. i think i’m going to swipe it with some witch hazel tonight. it almost feels like it is going to become an ingrown hair, but again i can’t see it so not sure. any redness and
pepper-i-ness, for lack of a better term, is gone.


Let me know how the bikini area turns out. I am waiting for my second appointment and have noticed the hair is growin gin rather slow except a little tiny strip which is coming in faster…Other then that no patchy spots yet. Let me know how many treatments you have had, and keep posting the results…THANKS… :smile: