Had first treatment... interesting results

Had first hair removal treatment of chest and abdomen on April 1. Nearly 4 weeks later, I’m getting strong regrowth of stripes of hair (suggesting the operator of the laser wasn’t too careful where she was zapping). When I asked about it, she suggested that hair regrowth will be “splotchy”, and attributed this phenomenon to the stripes. My opinion: she missed rows of hair. My dilemma: she asked me to just trust her and return for my next treatment after 8 weeks and she’ll clean up whatever was then growing.
I knew to expect 4-6 treatments, but should I expect that based on a not-to-thorough operation by the operator on each visit. Said differently: Had she been thorough, might I be looking at 2-3 treatments instead.
This all costs $$$ and I’m not excited about funding an office who can’t do the job right the first time.
Am I being unreasonable?
I have pictures (jpeg’s), but I’m not sure how to attach to the post.

i have a feeling that youre right about the lack of thoroughness.

even the best ones miss a few spots, and it does take a few treatments to see the results, but stripes are not typical for regrowth (at least not in my experience)

The treatment you received was deliberately done in that fashion so thay you would have to have another treatment to evenout the removal. The technition was trained and instructed by the owner to perform such a treatment with the deliberate purpose of requiring you to come back and get a second and then subsequent treatments. You are now in their clutches

I think your both right,i had my face and neck done and beleive me when i tell you that people just burst out laughing when they saw me 3 weeks after my first treatment. I earned the name,s chess board face and globe head due to the failer of the opperator to over lap when aplieing the laser.
When i went for my second treatment a lady in the clinic walked past me staring at my face, she wandered over to the reception desk and said somthing to the receptionist. It so happened that she would be my technician for the day as there were two people who were qualifyed to perform hair removal and the other lady was off this particular day.
when i went in for my treatment she told me that she had said to the receptionist “i didn’t do that” refereing to the state of my face.
I have now had 3 full treatments in 10 weeks and like you say what else can i do but carry on.
I just hope one day i will look normal again,it’s still early days, but i do admit the skill of the technician is paramount as i’m finding to my cost.

It’s typical for some lines of hair to be missed when treating large areas for the first time. However if you’ve lost confidence in the practitioner, move on. The laser itself is only half the equation; there is a science to the procedure that only comes from experience. I attribute my permanent results to choosing a reputable practice with over four years in the business.