Had electrolysis a week ago. Is this normal? Will this fade?

I’m assuming this lesion came about after you had hairs removed from the upper cheek? Gotta say this one has me stumped. Such marks I’ve never seen following electrolysis. (I fiddled a bit with your photo.)

This was after the “treatment”. It’s been 2 weeks now and the scan has fallen off but left a red mark.

Well let’s see. Putting term “treatment” in quotes could mean that it was not actually a treatment by electrolysis? Also the lesion is very much out of the range of normal beard hairs. And then what is a “scan” that just fell off? I think others aren’t responding here, because all of this doesn’t add up. More photos and more explanation please.

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Agree. Does “treatment “ mean electrolysis?

Did you try to treat yourself with a DIY device?

I have never seen this kind of skin side effect with electrolysis.

Also Dee, notice that the original writing is gone? So, we only have a photo to look at and relate to. Now, with no additional photo, we’re supposed to talk about a red spot? Not enough evidence … not enough explanation … maybe being played … trolled? Doesn’t add up.

I had a treatment to remove red veins. I am not trolling.

It was a treatment to remove red veins which I later found out was through electrolysis.

Did a professional (certified) electrologist perform this treatment?
Any other information you can supply would be most helpful.
EDIT: I do think this will heal with time to answer your question.
Some electrologists are permitted to perform thermocoagulation on skin blemishes and some areas have stricter regulations, at least that is how it is in the United States

Aha … that answers it.

WAY too much current was used and you should only have pin point scabs that are usually not visible; not that big lump. Too much tissue involved and it’s possible (likely) the telangiectasia will return after that much unnecessary treatment. (I wrote a book on this subject.) Since you say “red veins” I’m assuming you are in the UK, New Zealand or Australia?

Here’s the rub on legality. In US States with licenses, electrologists generally cannot perform this work. HOWEVER if you do not have a license you can do the work. Does that make sense?

She is apparently fully trained according to the website. Just very distressed about the whole situation.

Yeah Im in the UK. I think the red veins will return too. Question is will the general redness disappear? I am praying that it will. The scab fell off after a week and I have a slowly fading red mark.

The red mark you see after the scab fell off are capillaries “feeding” the damaged tissue; and it should go away. VERY sorry this happened to you, because it was totally unnecessary. You need to let the electrologist know what’s happening and give her a little GRIEF! It’s well deserved.

Thing is, these are NOT veins, they are telangiectasia, that are always-always-always dilated capillaries (i.e., not veins … okay, sometimes a venule). Oh yeah, and not “broken capillaries” either … the common mistaken term in the US. I published my telangiectasia text in 1991 and the bonkers terms still persist. Slow learners? Stubborn? Just bonkers?


I intend on giving her a piece of my mind. Here is how it looks now.

I think it looks better in this photo. It’s resolving well. I think you will be fine.

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In cases where telangiectasia returns in treated areas, how successful is a repeat treatment?

Looks okay … there should be no problem at all. The “tele” is gone and the spot will resolve. Luckily you have the perfect skin for just about any healing: scars or marks. However, not the happiest skin for sun damage … don’t get burned.

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That’s a relief. Thought I was going to be left with a nasty scar. I will never go back again to the person that did this.

Yes I have to wear SPF 50 on a cold cloudy day. That’s a relief that you think it will be okay. Thought I was going to be scarred for life. Was even thinking of taking the place to court that did this.

I would go about 95% certain you will not get a scar.

See, the treatment never reaches down to the dermis … and, only the dermis creates scars … the epidermis (where the telangiectases “live”) are way up just under the epidermis and scars do not form in the epidermis.

So, what you have going on are the tiny new capillaries (like a network) that are rebuilding the epidermis that WAS way over-treated. In a few weeks the network of capillaries will “drop out” and be replaced with nice fresh and invisible capillaries.

Indeed, REAL scars can form from improper electrolysis hair remove. But the “Tele” removal almost never creates scars … so, you’re in great shape.

Good job you don’t live in Australia or New Zealand … with that White population and the blistering sun, well, that is the “home” for tele formation and skin cancer. And, trust me, the electrologists “down under” are super experts on zapping the “red veins.” LOTS of experience.

So now we got rid of your “tele” … but, can you please tell me how we can get rid of Megan and Harry who live about 5-miles from me? I sometimes drive by flying the “Union Jack” just to annoy them.