had a consultation this morning...

Ok well I went this morning to have a consultation at Hair Free Electrolysis in Bethesda, Maryland. The office was nice and clean and the lady was very friendly as well. She does all three methods but seems to favor multi-needle galvanic for thicker and courser hairs. I don’t know how effective that is but I was a little dissapointed to hear this. She did a test treatment an hour ago and the area is barely even red anymore. Her certificates were placed prominently on the wall in the treatment room too. But she didn’t seem impressively fast in the treatment. She also didn’t give me a timetable for treatment as to when I should come in, when I could expect to see some results, etc. Is this normal and would she know more as I came in for treatments?

I am looking to find other electrologists in the DC area. I don’t have a car but the metro takes you just about anywhere. I was wondering if anybody knew any other places in Bethesda or areas close to DC. (DC area electrologists do not have to be liscensed.) However there just doesn’t seem to be too many. A Hairtell user with the username “Jessie” has posted enthusiastically several times about a place in Vienna, VA but hasn’t given the name of the place or who she sees there. On Electrolysisreferral.com, it lists two options for Vienna: Vienna Skin (www.vaskin.com), which sorta seems like the Wal-Mart of electrolysis; and LaserPlus Electrolysis Centers, which has three practicing electrolygists.

I really would like to get started soon. I am in DC for this semester and if all goes as planned I will stay until August. I would like to get a head start before I return to TX and have a good portion of the work done so I can finish up there.

Whatever advice or information anybody can provide, please do. I am desperate. I thought a consultation would be a confidence boost but somehow I feel worse than I did before.

none of the 3 electrologist I tried gave me a chart of any sort. I would think someone who has 3 methods would be a good judge of which to use when if she has a lot of experience. galvanic is the slowest method btw, so keep that in mind. and technically, the general consensus is that yes, galvanic or blend works faster on coarser hairs. it varies by person though too. try sending Jessie a private message.

Dear md1239,

Why would you want to dismiss an electrologist who has the equipment and knowledge to administer all 3 modalities?

Did you discuss your concerns with her?

Although I almost always administer thermolysis, for very stubborn thick hairs that are noncontiguous (not too close together), galvanic is a sensible choice.

I think Galvanic is getting a bad rap on this forum and I wonder if the dialogue regarding Galvanic has to do more with theoretical matters and less with actual experiences.

You know, electrologists who administer all 3 modalities tend to do extensive testing… one side of face with one method, other side of face with another method… Ask her if she has done this and what her findings were.

Good luck.


She did state that she would feel around, so to speak, in the first few sessions or so, to see which best I would respond to. But she noted that most prefer thermolysis and she does too when she is looking to make clearances. I was just under the impression that multi-needle galvanic was not as efficient as either blend or thermolysis. I do share your observation, though, that her knowledge of all three modalities is likely indicative of more than I left believing.

Also, the area I am looking to have treated is my upper arms and shoulders. She noted that shoulder hair is hormonal and although treated now, new hair could grow back when I’m around 30, as this is the average age males witness hair growth on their shoulders. I was wondering if you or anybody else on this board could share their thoughts on this. I am 22 now (birthday not until the end of the year) but the hair growth leveled off nearly two years ago. Should this be any deterrent with my going ahead?


I love using my multi-needle galvanic equipment. All 16 wires are separatly circuited and it is so much fun getting into the rhythm of inserting and watching the lights go on and off and then re-inserting for new hairs and so on and so on. However, my clients don’t like this kind of electrolyis because it is much slower and they have to hold still - no coughing, no sneezing, no shifting to get more comfortable. They can’t even answer their cell phone, which is something I personally don’t mind them doing during a thermolysis treatment. If I demonstrate galvanic electrolysis and they see how slow things are going and then I tell them it will cost them extra for using 16 different probes, I can almost feel them about to jump off the table and run to the door.

There is no doubt that galvanic electrolysis is a super way to permanently remove hair, but there are pro’s and con’s to any of the modalities, and the very slow factor with galvanic is a ‘con’ that many of my clients do not want.

Fact is, I haven’t used my multi-needle galvanic epilator for a long time. I’d like to. I know how. It is a fantastic method for permanently destrying hair, but the truth is, clients get done and happy much faster with microflash thermolysis. The reality is, that’s what the average client expects when they are paying $60 per hour.

Md1239, I would give this lady a chance to do all three modalities and then you choose. You are a hairtell graduate, so to speak, and with the general knowledge that you have gained from this forum, I’m sure you will make the right decision for yourself.


Thanks Dee. And Arlene and LAgirl as well.

As it stands now, the treated area looks good. Just a few red bumps really. I bought some Aloe Vera, Neosporin, and Hydrogen Peroxide tonight. After a shower later I am going to apply some aloe vera and maybe neosporin.

I want to try other people in the area but I don’t know if there are any. The AEA member referral is not working at the moment and Electrolysisreferall.com does not list that many people. We’ll see.

I do know that I am ready to get this problem under control, one way or another. Any help anybody else can contribute would be greatly appreciated. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />