guy's opinions on hairy girls?

Hello all.

I’m a 26 year old female with hirsuitism - the all over kind, (although surprisingly, not so very bad on my face - daily tweezering of my lip and a few on my chin covers that okay) - but everywhere else…>_< Fine, dark hair on back, front, everywhere worst around my legs and butt. What I’m interested in is men’s opinions about hairy girls. I’ve always been far too shy, miserable and self conscious to ever date men. I’m scared of telling them, maybe they’d be so disgusted etc etc, and i don’t have any close male friends to ask. Guys, what do you think? HONESTLY??? ^^;; Are there any out there who wouldn’t really care that I have to bleach my back and front, shave my arms, constantly wax legs? I’m getting laser done on the top half of my legs, if it works I’ll do my butt too…but…heck, I’m so lonely. I’ve been so depressed as to be suicidal, not a day goes by when I don’t think about it - and I know there’s alot of people out there who are thinking “uh huh, uh huh, I know…” I just want to know if all the guys out there think there’s hope for me, as it were. Tell the bad stories and the good, I don’t mind, just some idea would be great. It’s horriblle being trapped in your own body, worse if one finds out there was no need for it.
For my own girlish perspective, admittedly I like a smooth guy, but honestly if a guy waxes to get that affect, I like that even better! L We could be all romantic and help each other out with the waxing kits…L Honest opinions? Thanks.


Hairy women are fine with me. Attraction to another really is based on the whole person; things like body hair are ultimately pretty trivial. I have been having electrolysis and am considering laser, but only because i want to for myself; I don’t think about making myself more or less attractive to women If I did, I would just let my hair grow; most women find male body hair removal a little weird. So be it. I find women with hairy legs (or arms or faces) attractive not really because of the hair, but because they aren’t afraid to look a little different from the norm. Courageousness is very attractive.

This may surprise you, because none of the women I date believe me. I am an electrologist, and I personally don’t find hair to be unattractive on a girl. It should be removed to make YOU happy, but I, as a guy, would not make my decision to date or not to date a woman based solely on this thing.

I know that you all think that we see one stray hair and the music comes to a screeching halt, our eyes bug out, and our lips curl in disgust, but actually, any guy who would have that reaction is no one you would want to date anyway. Of course that may be the problem, most women are out there trying to make themselves “dateable” to a group of guys who simply will find any reason to find fault. In the mean time they are ignoring the guys who are interested in them despite such trivial things as a hair on your lip, or chin.

I have dated women who had the all over hair that is common for Mediterranean Ladies, and although long dark hair on light skin is very noticeable, it did not blind me to the beauty that was the person.

I dated a French Lady who was shocked to find that I had not told her that Americans shaved their legs, and that she had been walking around getting “dissed” by the US ladies for wearing short skirts with bare, unshaved, unstockinged legs for the world to see. I did not find it anything to tell her, because I had only noticed it in the casual sense that I thought, “Cool, she is not all consumed in that whole high maintenance thing.” You have to understand that most of the things you ladies do that you think you are doing for us men, you are really doing to compete with other ladies. We men just shake our heads and say, “I wouldn’t do that for you!” (think spiked high heels)

I once dated a gal who shaved every day in secret. I could not understand why she never asked me to take care of her problem, but since she did not bring it up, I was not going to either. One day I “caught her” shaving early one morning and she went to pieces. She thought I was going to dump her because of her hair problem, especially since I was an electrologist. I did not see her logic. I had long ago felt the stubble on her upper lip, so this was no surprise to me. She never believed that it did not lower her in my eyes.

The strange thing was that she did not allow me to remove the hair even after it was all out in the open. I am sure that is also a girly thing that all you chicks are shaking your heads saying, “I know how she feels” while we guys continue to scratch our heads saying “Wasssup wit dat!?”

Bottom Line,
Quality Guys don’t care at all.
We know we only get “gussied” up for special occasions. We don’t expect you to look like a centerfold every day of the year either.

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Nothing, especially the naturalness of your own body, is ever so bad as to be suicidal over :smile:

Thanks Scarryberry, well said. My girlfriend is quite hairy (on her arms, some facial hair, etc) which she used to be very bothered by, but it really doesn’t bother me. She is an awesome young lady and she’s beautiful to me. I reassure her how I feel about it, and she doesn’t seem to worry about it as much now. A lot of hair can mean more testosterone, and hence a higher libido, so it can be a real plus too!