Guys: Leg Shaving and Shorts Styles???

A major curiosity is the current fashion of men’s shorts. If guys opt to shave, people might not notice simply because most men’s shorts go to the knee or even halfway down the calves. IMHO, not only does this trend look ridiculous, but the style is impractical and uncomfortable. How does wearing glorified ‘high-waters’ as opposed to jeans offer relief on a hot day, or allow for freedom of movement for sporting or other physical activities? What’s the advantage to men’s shorts over long pants they way they’re made now?

Personally, I found the sporty shorts style of the 70’s /80’s ideal in that they were more comfortable, practical, and allowed a tasteful display of thigh definition in males and females alike. For an example, you can check out the movies “Meatballs”, “Jaws” (all 3) and “Vacation” (the original) to see what I mean.

When I do shop for summer wear, I’ll get the shortest pair of khaki shorts available, which might be 4-5" inseam, but most of them are now 8-10" inseam which I refuse to wear. Just wondering what other guys think about this. Do guys wear them b/c that’s all there is or is there a consensus nowadays that ‘real men’ just don’t show a lot of leg?

Just had to ask! How much of your shaving handiwork do you let show?


I think that fashion is an individual thing.

I remember that at one time the players in the NBA wore these really short-shorts, and if you have a look back on some of those old films it looks rather different compared to today, especially since these guys had such long legs.
Those short-shorts didn’t last too long.

Then there is the current fashion of guys wearing their jeans pulled down to their knees and their undershorts showing over the top. Some people like that, but it’s not
everyone’s cup of tea.

I was recently at a caribbean resort and one or two guys there wore a speedo. I don’t think speedo’s look good on too many guys however, unless they have the body of an olympic diver.

As far as shorts goes, wear what is comfortable to you.
Look for some that you like the look of and are a good fit.
We all have to have our own style which we feel comfortable with.