Guys getting body waxing

I just recently started getting waxed (have only had it done twice so far, appointment for another in about a week). I like it, but am still partially getting used to the whole idea, I guess.

Are there some other guys getting waxed that could comment on their experience?

Are there any women who could share how they feel about it if there guy were getting waxed?


Before getting the hair permanently removed by electrolysis, I would always get waxed on my chest,back,underarms and pubic area every 6 weeks or so. After doing that for about a year I decided I never wanted to go back to having hair in those places so I went the permanent route and have never regreated it. Most girls that I have been with think it is great. Some think a liitle bit of hair on the chest would be preferable to none;but that is a minority view.