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I’m a iranian boy living in Sweden. I have brown skinn and thick black hair and I’m currently undergoing IPL-treatment for my back and shoulders with Medilux from Palomar. I have had 6 treatments, my last 38 days ago, and after every treatment my hair has become thinner and sparser, but mostly thinner. It’s actually VERY thinn and I hopa it will stay that way. Has anybody had this kind of result and has it been long lasting? I have consulted with two independent doctors (one of them a reputated dermatologist here in Sweden) and they both say that the thinning of my hair probably will bee long lasting.

And I would like to know if any guy (not woman) has experienced laser induced hair growth on or near areas treated with laser or IPL? I mean this phenomenon where new hairs grow because of laser.

Sorry for my bad english.


I never noticed any new hair growth after being treated with a laser. Only reduction.

I had (and am still having) my chest done.

Initially the hair was mostly on the center of the chest. However, I think more hair has been growing further out to the sides, and up on the collarbone, since my treatments started.

Same with my shoulders… they did a few zaps to target a few specific hairs, and recently there’s been a lot more growth there, I’m sure.

What I don’t know is whether the laser caused this or not. I’m 23, male, so it could have happened anyway.

As far as the laser settings go - I don’t think it was because the settings were too light. They use an Nd:Yag laser, and it was nearly at maximum power.

How long have you undergone laser treatment?
I think I am seeing more hair growth on new places too.

I had my 9th treatment today. See details here:

So you are seing good results, that’s very good.
Does the reduction of hair and hair thickness on your chest and abs look somewhat natural or is it very patchy? I’m thinking of doing my chest and abs.
Also, can’t you put up pictures of before and after 9 treatments so that one can see what to expect and how it will look (I know you’r not finished yet).
Do you want to become totaly hair free and smooth?

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It’s not as clear as I’d like (I’d love my chest/abs to be hair-free and smooth) but it’s much better than it was, and it does look quite natural. I think this treatment will be my last anyway - I can’t really justify the continued expense for decreasing results.

I’ll take some photos once this current treatment has had a chance to work, so give me 10 weeks for shedding and regrowth. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

Hehehe, okay, I will wait.
It’s good to hear that the reduction looks normal.

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