Guaranty Hair Removal removed!


I’ve been waiting a while to see if we’d have a flare-up from this quack, but it looks like Stephens Manufacturing, maker of the Guaranty Hair Removal electric tweezer, is no longer in operation.

My decision to take on hair removal scams was in large part thanks to owner Judith Stephens and her salesperson Katherine “Kitty” Cook (aka Cathey Baker), who are such egregious scam artists and quacks that someone had to take GHR down.

Unfortunately, even though Stephens has removed all her sales sites, GHR still has representation on the web, thanks to her friend and former salesperson “Kitty” of Kitty’s Consumer Beware . Despite the fact that “Kitty” knows Judith Stephens has ripped off consumers for thousands of dollars, “Kitty” still allows Judith’s lies to remain on her quack site:

Kitty’s Consumer Beware: Fake GHR studies

Those who are interested can find the exact same studies submitted by a competitor to FDA. For a side-by-side comparison of the GHR and AHRS studies, check out this complaint I filed with FDA as Docket 01P-0505: Administrative Reconsideration for K892514 Epilator 629:

FDA: Petition against bogus electric tweezer studies
(1.7 MB PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat)

So at this point, the only online quack with bogus GHR info on the web is “Kitty.” This continues to undermine her credibility and shows that she’s too stupid to see the truth about electric tweezers and her friend Judith Stephens despite overwhelming evidence of quackery. That’s the sign of a true quack: unwavering faith that they are right, even when they are clearly an idiot. :roll_eyes:

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