growth stages


Is it true that hair follicle can only be adequately damaged in the growth stage? If yes, than how so? If the tissue is damaged why would it still grow hair, no matter what stage the hair was at at the time?

If anagen is so much better, wouldn’t it make sense to remove the hair by waxing or tweezing in order to get it in anagen stage the first time? It for sure saves time and money.



I’m no expert, but I do believe you need either heat (laser) or current (electrolysis) to destroy the follicle. Plucking and waxing do not do that.

Plus, hair grows in cycles, some hairs may be in the anagen stage, others will not be. You will NEVER get all the hair to be in the same stage at the same time…

I have noticed that this board is really slow, it might do you some good to look at the old posts and archives to get some answers. Thats what I did.


You are correct. One of the least utilized features on this board is the “Search” feature in the top right hand corner. Most people could answer their own question if they clicked search, and entered the key words of their questions there and then read the posts that show up.