Grey hair growth AFTER laser hair removal

I was wondering, for someone that had only 1 Laser Hair Removal session (and never again will have another), if hair in the pubic area is thin after just that one session, will grey hairs that start growing due to age be coarse or will they be thin ?

Grey hair does not have pigment for laser to target. There is no laser effect on grey, red or blonde hair. Whether you will have coarse or thin grey hairs develop has no connection to your laser treatment.

No affect whatsoever.

I apologize for not making myself clear.

What I meant to say was the following. I will never again have laser hair removal.

However, in a few years when grey hairs start to grow, will the grey hairs that grow be thick as normal pubic hair as they replace the ones I already have, which are now extremely thin and barely visible after laser.

OR will those grey hairs be as thin as the ones they replace?

thank you

I believe they will be as thin as the ones they replace, because the hair structure kind of stays the same but just loses its colour.

Now that you’ve clarified your question, I definitely agree with ZoeStevens. Having had way too many hairs turn white over the years, I can attest that there’s almost never a hair that gets more course when it turns grey.

If you have very fine brown hairs now, they will become very fine silver hairs – unless you have them treated some more before they can go grey.