Green and pink "wax" products


Hi Guys!

I apologise for previously posting this message on the electrolosis part of the site…I am new to this and not too sure of my way around yet!

Does anyone know anything about a pink wax type product (used in France)? and also a green gel-type product (used in the film “Miss. Congeniality”) ? On this side of the pond we only know of the traditional caramel coloured wax. Can anyone shed any light on these products please?

You seem to have a few more products in the States and Canada, so a few hints and some info would be great. Many thanks. Liz:)


No problem on posting elsewhere-- it’s a little confusing.

There are wax-like products that you press onto the skin and then pull off without using strips. That’s what you are thinking of. Some people like them, but they’re a little hard to use-- they don’t grasp hair very well sometimes, and the oil in your skin cam change the stickiness sometimes.