great toronto clinic


hi all,
i’m finding myself more on the laser forum, as that is my new ‘project’. but i’ve done electrolysis for years and am very very happy with the results. if anyone’s looking for a clinic in toront, i strongly recommend ‘hairender’. it’s on sheppard and bathurst, and i would go only to rhonda or lauren.
if anyone’s interested or wants more feedback from me, just let me know.
cheers and good luck!


Does that place in Toronto do mens genital areas ? and what do they charge .


i’m pretty sure they do everything, but you’d have to ask. btw, that sounds painful. talk to them about using emla (topical anasthetic)… :wink:
i’ve gone for years, and i know lots of other people that go there, all are happy. i would recommend the owner, rhonda, or her sister, lauren. not so sure about the third one, i think her name is karen.
their prices are reasonable. their phone number is 416-633-4247 and they’re at bathurst and sheppard. they’re very professional and experienced (been doing this for years and their clientelle seems to grow all the time).
good luck!! :smile: