Great results

Hi,I have hair growth on my neck… I wouldn’t say like a beard but certainly enought to give a small gray shadow. I had done electrolysis for about 3 years and then stopped and then waxed for another 3 years and I finally chose to do laser treatment. I had my first treatment with the Alexandrite laser 6 weeks ago and almost no hair has come back so far. There are sporadic hairs here and there but they are so light that I can barely see them. The techician told me to come back in 4-6 weeks after the first treatment but I see no point in going back until I have a lot more hair to treat. Are these normal results? I’m thinking hair is not going to grow back anytime soon so probably my 2nd appointment would be 2 months after my first. Is this too long to wait? Also the laser left a hypopigmentation spot on my neck…I am applying hyrdoquinone (sp?) cream to it? Is it going to help the spot? Please if anyone has any answers to my questions or can relate to my situation please respond. I need help!!!

Hi! glad to hear of your results, but you will get some re-growth. 2 months is not a problem, you will soon see more hairs growing from dormant follicles, and these will need to be treated. Do not apply hydroquinone to spots of hypo-pigmentation. This will only make them lighter! If you are experiencing hyPER-pigmentation, which is a dark spot, then the hydroquinone will be appropriate, but you must also protect that area from any sun exposure. Keep us posted on your progress :wink:

If you can find it in your area, a hydroquinone cream in an aloe vera base would be most helpful. It does however take some searching to find such a product in many areas of the country.