Great results THIS fast?

Hey, all,

I’ve been getting work done on my chin for six weeks now, one session once a week for a half hour. I don’t have a TON of hairs to deal with there, maybe a couple hundred at most, but my main problem was that they grew so fast (along with every other hair on my entire body) that I couldn’t keep up! I would spend 10 minutes plucking in the morning after waking up, then by the time 5 P.M. rolled around I would have new hairs ready to pluck. THEN by the time midnight would roll around, I would have more. I was plucking 2-4 times a day, usually.

I started 6 weeks ago with blend. My skin is extremely sensitive so it was rough going at first, lots of swelling and redness and discomfort. But for the last 2 and a half weeks, everything has looked great. I’m getting hardly any regrowth, and what I am getting is lighter and waaaaayyy finer.

So my question is, is it possible to see results this early on, or is this the calm before the storm and in another month I will have a huge beard again?


You can see great results like this early on, AND you will see many hairs when your next phase of hair growth starts. Just understand that they are new, and differnt hairs.

Of course, you and your electrologist MAY be in a place where you can keep all the hairs removed as they come in, and in that case, you won’t ever need to deal with any big outbreaks of hair again, as long as you stay on schedule.

Can i ask you a question deenah…you said that you found yourself plucking a few times a day, do you still pluck in between treatments?

I hope not. We have a saying in Electrolysis; “Pluck only the hairs you want to keep.” If it is not there when we see you, we can’t treat it.

Im confused now…in the thread i started “need a question answered” i asked…“If i’m to consider electrolysis, does that mean im going to have to stop plucking and waxing, and let all the unwanted hair i’ve been hiding for years completely grow?”

You said no…but if the the treatments for electrolysis is spread out so greatly surely without plucking all the hairs will regrow.

Try to understand for a minute.

Every hair you have on your body doesn’t grow at the same time. Pardon me for assuming that what you meant to say, but did not know enough to say was better translated “Do I have to walk around with hair on my face because I am not supposed to pluck?”

So here I will revise my answer. YES, you will have to allow every hair you want treated to grow long enough for it to be treated. Of course, if you have a good electrologist, and you go on a good schedule, you can have that hair treated as it comes in. You could have it treated before you even notice it. An electrologist can’t treat hairs that are not there, or are not in growth phase.

Can i ask you a question deenah…you said that you found yourself plucking a few times a day, do you still pluck in between treatments?

Oh, of course not. I shave or trim between treatments now. Haven’t tweezed in almost 2 months.

Oh…that’s going to be a hassle. So i guess i should stop plucking and allow the hair to grow?. What if one brow grows faster than the other?

You can shave the grown-in hairs. Or just go to your electrologist once you have growth that is starting to bother you. With more frequent visits, he/she can stay on top of hairs as they grow in without you having to worry too much about it being noticeable.