Great results in BOSTON

Hi Y’all (Yes, I’m a North Carolina Confederate in Kennedy’s Court!)

I just wanted to let anyone here know that I’m having really good results with hair removal with a doctor on Newbury St. If you’re in the Boston area I highly recommend it. I found out about it on their web site

I’m having my face and back done so far. I’m probably going to do my whole body eventually.

You can email me if you want to learn more about my specific experience, or else I’ll post a response to any questions you might have!

Hi bostonsasquatch,

what body parts did you have done and do you still feel that laser was worth it?? Also, do you know if they will do male genitals?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.


How am I supposed to reply to a private message from someone who doesn’t include an email address, and has their HairTell PM system turned Off? :confused:

What are their rates-- particularly legs, bikini. I have been going somewhere in Boston area, not Newbury St. Well, almost guaranteed that Newbury is more expensive than where I go. I have had very good experience so far… I have had two treatments, 3rd one scheduled (been 8 wks since the last one), but wondering if should postpone another two weeks. Nothing has grown back yet… Is it a good idea to wait longer or go with the recommend schedule… Also, is there anyone out there who has had good result for more than 2-3 years. I keep reading/hearing conflicting reports that it’s not even “permenmant-reduction”, never mind “permenant-removal”

Any response will be appreciated!