Great forum! Light male body hair removal tips?

This is a great forum! Thanks for starting it Andrea!

I’ve read through all the posts, and I’ve seen great advice, but I’m wondering about my particular case… (It sounds as though RCJ2001 may be the target on this one!)

I’ve recently lost a ton of weight and body fat, and revolutionized my body image. I’ve never had a problem with body hair as most of it is light and wispy for the most part, even at age 31! (Sorry if that’s a huge bummer for those battling back thick hair! :frowning: )

However, I get these very common “patches” in the middle of my sternum, inside and below my belly button, and just around the nipple areas consisting of either long, light hair or “sprouts” of whispy dark hairs. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it REALLY looks out of place, sortof like a mildly mangy cat :stuck_out_tongue: !

I made the mistake(?) of using nair on all the troubled spots (I wish I found this forum before…) and it didn’t work too well, leaving me pretty much bald just in those areas with quite a few “rogue” hairs refusing to budge. So, I shave with my wife’s silk effects to remove the rogues. (felt softof silly using a girl’s purple razor!) Now, a week later, I have pricklies everywhere I shaved, surrounded by bald spots (nair!) surrounded by fine peachfuzz… (I’m only talking about my back/stomach here, as I dont care about the rest…)

I know I’m blabbing, and it doesn’t sound too horrible compared to the other horror stories I’ve heard, but in the sun (where I spend lots of time) I look funny, like I tried too hard!

It sounds like an electric may be the way to go, all over, just to keep everything even… Does that sound right? The hair is really too fine to shave in the shower, as I can’t see it when it’s wet…

This sounds like an RCJ2001 question, as I’m most interested in de-hairing my physique…

Thanks for the great advice, and great posts!!!


uhh… correction… only concerned about my stomach and chest area… not back…


A good electric will work very well on fine hair. That is mostly what I use after very successful laser treatments. Before laser, shaving was not satisfactory and took forever! For an electric I recommend the Braun Synchro. It is well made, has a 2 yr warranty and can stand up to body shaving. The Panasonic linear was good but the screen did not last long at all and the replacement screens are very expensive. The Braun 7526 self-cleaning shaver is about $129 at Walmart.

If you stay with a blade try the Mach 3 Turbo. Other blades are not even close (pun intended). Get your wife to switch to a Venus so you’ll have an alternative if you run out f Mach 3 blades. Venus is the female version of the Turbo. The Venus came to market before the Turbo and it was quite common for male boduybuilders to use it. The original Mach 3 was pretty good too but I think the Turbo is better.

If you just have small patches of hair you may want to consider electrolysis.

I see you also learned that depilatories don’t work very well on chest hair. And don’t even waste your money on Nad’s.

Hope this helps.


A good RJC2001 question followed by a great RJC2001 answer! I have nothing more to add!

Hi RjC

As you can see this spell checker is useless. The Norrelco works well on body contours, but muanual blades may work better on oyhrr (was this progam written by a 12 year old or younger!!!) Fuck Microsoft! body parts. It was easier using a typwriter if you kids even remamber one!


Hi Stuart,

I know what you mean. Sometimes I find myself hitting the keyboard in between keys or one key off from what I wanted. I’m not known for being a good typist.

I told my electrologist/laser practitioner about Nads and other hair removal chemicals that I tried and did not work. She said I have plenty of company! Many have tried and have had poor results with those products.

I am awaiting the new Braun 360 Complete . It claims an improved center long hair trimmer and improved blade technology for quicker and closer shaves. The replacement foil will even fit on older Activators too! How did that happen LOL?

In my arsenal I also have a Norelco Bodygroom, a Remington BHT 2000 body hair trimmer, and Gillette Fusion Power. The Fusion Power is the Porsche of all razors! The Remington has a very good shaving attachment but it is on the small side. The Norelco can shave anywhere without cutting (usually) and is good for reaching awkward places. They all have their plusses and minuses.

I tried a Norelco Speed XL 8140. It is a very good shaver and did a nice job for my beard. I bought my dad one for father’s day but he didn’t like it. He returned it and got an older, cheaper Quadra and likes it much better!