Grace's elctrolysis on Ashland in Chicago?

I have talked to two different people yesterday and Grace was actually a referral from here. Well, I got a name (Cloda) from here and so I called the number but turns out that she does not work there anymore. Now Grace who owns the place told me that and she seemed very laid back, not pushing me for anything,actually referred some other names in the city that are closer to downtown (which is where I am). Anyway I kind of liked her approach on phone but was wondering if anyone here actually have gone to her?
Oh and if any other names in the city, please let me know.

James wrote this in a past post:

The people we can say have treated HairTell posters and have had good feedback are:

Cloda (near Ashland and Wellington). Call her at 773-549-8580 and tell her Andera Sent you.

James has had treatment from, and recommends 2 people in that area so far.
Just two hours by car from Chicago you have:
Rhonda Elmer
Electrolysis Center and Tanning
1601 Spring Square Alley
Monroe WI 53566
She is good, does both thermolysis, and blend, and would give you multi hour appointments if you asked nicely. Book well in advance, and you could have many long appointments in a month. Just be sure to honor the appointments you make.

In Chicago, but much harder to get time with is:
Debbie Strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000
She now has 3 CPE’s working with her and two more taking the test October 2005
Lots of experience, and perfectly able to do long appointments if they can be fit into her VERY busy schedule.

Also in Chicago, Taught by Debbie Strickland, the newest member of The Electrolgy SuperFriends:
Cassandra M. McCabe CPE
Cassie Electrolysis
7107 W. Belmont Avenue Suite 6
Chicago, IL 60634
773 919-4247

Great! Talked to all three. Meeting Cassandra today. She is closest to me so will start with her. She said that she also does Laser. Is syneron’s elaser yag? Would that work for Indian skin?

I am seeing cassandra on Wed. I had consultation with her and it worked really well. I talked with Grace and Debra Tamblyn and I just didnt get a good vibe from them. I have so many questions and Grace wasnt happy with a lot of questions, she even said, if you see my reviews why do you need for a free consultation? hmmmmmmmmm. Cassandra was really nice and accomodating

I can not recommend Debbie Strickland enough. She cleared my face, neck in 2.5 years and did not leave me any mark ever. I know some of her customers are finishing or already have finished (me included). You should give her a try. I found her very accommodating. I would gladly pay much more than she charges for the service she provides. So she is not high priced either.

As dfahey already gave your her contact information.

Debbie Strickland
Merle Norman Cosmetics
7323 N. Harlem Avenue
Niles, Illinois 60714
847 600-3000

Dance Girl! not sure you’re even on this forum anymore, but would love to hear if anyone had a great experience with cassandra. I can’t get to Niles to see Debbie, but knowing that Cassandra was trained by her is great. It would also be nice to be treated in the same office with a laser to get the bikini area started, but i’m not sure her laser is the best for me.

I was going to see Grace in Chicago, however I’m now trying to schedule consults with Faye Owens, Frances Washington or Amber Electrolysis. If any Chicagoans have experience with them I’d love to hear about it!!