Got Hair within a week -- Is it possible?


I went to electrologist in Milwaukee area to remove grey hair…

she told for initial treatment the hair will grow in 6 to 8 weeks…

after my treatment, some hair grow up within a week…

I am unable to Judge if the electrologist is bad/it is a normal scenario…

suggestions are welcome.

ye, very bad,

try to find a practioner that does blend

blend method

Any hairs that appear in the first couple of weeks after electrolysis in an area were probably not treated. If you have further question, you should discuss the matter with your practitioner.

Patience is called for here. There was probably not enough time in the session to get every hair.


I noticed some hair as well that "looked " like it was coming out of a trated follicle but my electrologist said that it was that each folicle can have up to 3 papillae, which is where hair starts to grow.

If it’s within the week it’s likely that these hairs were just below the surface and not the actual ones treated.

Yes according to the two books I recently read, by Bono and Hinkle they both state that very thing. Some follicles contain more than one hair and there can be a new hair growing under the surface that is ready to come out but hasn’t reached a treatable length yet.
I’ve noticed this on my bikini area that I’m treating, most follicles have three hairs in them and I’m noticing some really new fine hairs not too long after treatment popping up.

They’re very easy to treat, so obviously anagen hairs…no biggie!

Kathy :grin: