I needed to start going to a new electrologist because of my new schedule. I loved my first electrologist but due to schedule conflicts I needed to find another to continue my treatments.

I started seeing second electrologist for a few times but she makes me uncomfortable because she catty and is very critical of other electrologists and the techniques of my former electrologist. I thought I would grow to be more comfortable, but I realize that I just don’t like gossip or criticism.

Would it be wrong to stop my treatments with the 2nd electrologist? I thought it would get better, but it makes me uncomfortable.

You are absolved of any guilt.
Go in peace.

Another way to look at it is when the providers compete with each other, the consumer only benefits! Let her prove that she is better! :wink:

How do the two electrologists compare, in your opinion?

Funny you should mention that. In my experience the catty one was the less able of the two.

When someone gossip and/or talks badly about their competitors they are advertising for them.

Please PM me the name of your electrologists?!



JWW7 says: You are absolved of any guilt.
Go in peace.


My sins too Father, my sins too!

…On a more serious note: Don’t want to say any more than I have to, but I kind of suffered for the loose lips of an electrologist.[/color]