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I’ve only started shaving my legs for the past 2 weeks or so. So far I have really enjoyed the feel etc. Then something strange happened…

It was a cold night. I’d just shaved my legs about two or three hours ago. I took of my clothes and dived into bed. I was terribly cold even under the covers. So I thought I’d rub my legs with my hands to warm them. Both of my legs were covered in goosebumps which wasn’t surprising, but what did surprise me was that every goosebump on my legs was hard and brittle and almost felt electrified when i touched them.

It didn’t matter which direction I stroked my legs, they felt spikey and brittle. Eventually after I warmed up my legs felt smooth again. Is this common for people who shave their legs when they get cold or am I just having a strange reaction to the cold?

Thanks in advance for any insight :smile:

Ha ha! Welcome to the wonderful world of stubble! I know a lot of girls (myself included) who have sudden hair growth whenever they get goosebumps. It’s pretty common. Now just wait until winter when you step out of the shower freshly shaven one morning and the cold air hits you and the next thing you know all that shaving has gone to waste and you’re stubbly all over again!

Ohhh, I just know and HATE that feeling. Orange hit it on the head there, and the only thing worse is having to shave with goosebumps in a cold shower.

Even so, nothing like that satiny soft, just shaved feel.

Thanks :smile:

This is really a tough call to make. Be smooth and dread cold days or watch my legs go super hairy. A guess waxing will be the next avenue to check out…

Thanks again! :smile:

Be careful waxing. It’s my prefered method for removal of leg hair, however, for some people, it can create more problems than it solves.

Goosebumps are caused by a tiny muscle attached to each follicle, called the arrector pili. When you get cold or scared, these muscles involuntarily contract. This happens in other mammals, too, like a cat’s puffy tail when it gets scared.

The problem is that wen you’ve shaved, the hairs are like miniature tree stumps instead of tapered blades of grass. When the arrector pili contracts, it pulls this little stump further out of the skin making it feel even more stubbly. I used to swim a lot, and sometimes these goosebumps actually hurt a lot!

So, that’s what’s going on-- more than you wanted to know, huh? :wink:

The only way to deal with this more effectively is to epilate. You’ll still get the goosebumps, but the stumps won’t pop out!

I am rarely cold, even in the winter so I don’t have too much trouble with goose bumps. They are only a temporary condition so I wouldn’t worry about it.

You may notice that as you adapt to being clean shaven you may not feel as cold as often and have the goose bumps less often.

You also may want to try shaving with a Mach 3 Turbo razor. It gives a closer shave so the stubble may not be as bad when the goose bumps occur.


Thanks guys (and girls :wink: )

RJC2001, I see you mention the mach3 turbo in a lot of your posts. Down here in Australia I have never even heard of it tho. I just use the regular mach3. I’ll try to keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

The Mach 3 Turbo was out on the market in the US starting in April of 2002.

I don’t remember when the original Mach 3 hit the market in the US for sure but I think it was in July of 1999. There’s nothing wrong with the Mach 3 though the Turbo shaves closer.

It must take longer for some products to hit the market in the land down under. Although you got the (Holden) GTO before we get the Pontiac version.

Stay with the shaving though, your skin will adapt. The goosebumps are only temporary and will not be a problem.


To Andy with the goosebumps:

I’ve been shaving with a Wahl electric (foil type) from knees to lower chest for years and I get the same goosebumps situation. But in my case I actually ENCOURAGE it! Here’s what I’ve found: If I’m listening to a certain kind of music on the radio or sing certain songs, there is an element of emotion that causes the goosebumps in me, and it’s at that moment that i RE-SHAVE the goosebump area!

By shaving the goosebumps with the Wahl, I get the stubble that was hidden before the little hairs got protruded. Only then do I allow the legs to warm up (this only happens from my legs to the groin anyway). When they warm up, and have no more goosebumps, you’ll find the area is now the smoothest it’s been since long before your puberty! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay this way for more than a day or so, but if you want a really, really close shave, bring on the goosebumps!

A side question: does anyone know who I should write to to get the password for the adult forums? I’ve written to twice now, and still no response. Thanks.


I always wondered if I could get a closer shave while having goosebumps. I’ll have to try that. That is probably best done with an electric though. I usually use a Braun 7526 electric razor on my legs with good results. Using a blade with goose bumps may result in some nicks and cuts, but maybe not.


Hi Ruralguy -

Hang on for the password to the adult section - Andrea sometimes gets tied up with other stuff, but I’m sure she’ll get back to you!!

Thanks ruralguy, that is very interesting :smile:

I kinda can’t see myself running to the bathroom if I feel a sudden attack of goosebumps so I might have to start paying more attention when I’m listening to music (which is almost constantly).

Thanks again :smile:

I tried ruralguy’s tip on shaving with goose bumps and it definitely does give a closer shave. Now if I can just get the goosebumps to last for about 20 minutes I can do both legs. When the temps get down to the single digits I can go outside wearing shorts to get goosebumps.

Thanks for the great tip.


I’m glad I was able to be of help in the closer-shave-while-goosebumply department. As I say, it does work for me. And yes, I would definitely stick with the electric if you plan to do it. I can just imagine the irritation if you used a blade and clipped off all those mini-mountaintops.

And to Toni, thanks for letting me know that Andrea gets backlogged with work at times. I surely know how that is! I’m sure she’ll get the passw. to me soon.


I must say that I have shaved with goosebumps with a regular razor (not electric) and it sure does the trick. I agree the only thing that stinks is keeping those goosebumps going …

I’m a male who has shaved his legs for years, and I’ve noticed the same phenomenon. Here’s what I do. I shave my legs and the rest of me, then finish shampooing, etc. When I turn off the water, the cold air hits me, and I shiver, and get goosebumps, so while my legs are still wet, I run the razor over the spots that feel stubbly, and all is well. Next time you get goosebumps, you already got a shave so close that the hair is already cut below the goose bump level, as it were. Plus, you have very, very smooth legs when you are warm. I cannot imagine waxing my legs, the pain!!! Plus, you have to let them get rather stubbly before you can do it again. I really don’t mind shaving my legs, I hate shaving my chest and abs, that is much harder. I have no idea why women complain so much, plus they often only need shave below the knee, as opposed to men who have to shave ethe whole thing. But , I LOVE shaved legs, on men and women both, so sexy. Men actually have very nice legs when you can see them not covered in fur. I bodybuild, so mine are nice and muscular, which makes them look very nice shaved. I do it every day, including the goosebump check.