THis is totally unrelated to the whole shaving issue, but I had a boyfriend who was the same way. In fact, I had the threat that I’d be DUMPED if I didnt’ shave that “area.” Back then, it never was a concern for me but since he was my first serious boyfriend, I guess I had to do what I can to keep him.

Like you I agonized over that area. And my skin is ultrasensitive! I mean I tried everything - shaving, waxing, rotary epilators - anything that would keep my hair away. And I often told my ex boyfriend back then that I had trouble with shaving and such because of my very sensitive skin. Of course he wasn’t so compromising about it and he went ahead telling me how I should do it.

To make a long story short, I eventually dumped the sucker. I’ve been relationship free for more than a year now, but at least I don’t have to put up with picky, shallow men who tell a girl what to do in order to please them.

Hair is there for a reason, and if he can’t accept that, then how else can he accept you? :smile:

Just a thought…

Another thing… If he is SO anal about how you should do your hair? Make him a compromise… If you have to be all clean shaven down there, MAKE HIM trim, shave, wax, etc… On his own. Double standards are just a pain and it’s not fair if it’s ONLY THE WOMAN who does the hair removal!

honestly, i have no idea why everyone thinks this is such a big deal. he does most definitely trim down there and asked me offhandedly once what i thought about doing it. i made sure he was okay with me not doing it and just when he was convinced i never would, i surprised him. he nearly hit the roof in shock! and if it brings him that much happiness, well, it’s worth it! he’s been a pretty great guy, so i thought i would give it a try! if i really wanted to give up, i could. he wouldn’t dump me if i decided to grow it back out… i just know he really digs on it that way, so why not do it for him? (if i can make it work…) relationships to me are all about give and take. and sometimes you just want to do it for the other person… besides, it makes me feel kinda sexy.
thanks for being concerned for me! and i’m glad you got out of a bad relationship! :smile:

Readers giving support to other readers-- that was my dream all along! Yay! :grin:

You guys rock. Thanks for looking out for each other, even when I can’t always be here to answer right away.